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I’m pleased to say that after a months Hiatus, I’m back to spending an exorbitant amount of money on toys with the excuse of content creating 😂


I don’t have any Gundam Models... YET. But I did put together this model from a different Anime.


So I got my first Chase Funko Pop the other day and it was pretty exhilarating... even if you can't tell by my voice lol


This just in... I can’t play my switch again until 2021


I used Targets Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on toys to the fullest 😅


Genuinely disappointing that Epic didn't consider the people who are old enough to know who Galactus is with the timing of this event. What about the adults with 9-5's? Sigh...


All my life I've wanted two pairs of shoes; a pair of Spider-Man shoes, and a pair of PlayStation shoes. Needless to say, I had a good day.


PSA: If you open up one of those two-packs of Starburst and get two oranges, you lost. That is all.


Okay Nintendo... You let me get this one but I’m still buttset about them pins.


So YouTube broke... I don't remember anything like this ever happening before. Is the world ending? lol


Made a video for that VenomPool Build-A-Fugure set of figures I got last week. Haven’t had this much fun with toys since I was a kid! Lol


They came Already! Still waiting on my Carnage and Venomized Captain America but boy am I hyped!


I just went completely nuts and bought all of these... No regertz!


I hope Bluepoint Games' next remake is Ride to Hell: Retribution


Just scored a fully functioning 3DS from The Salvation Army for next to nothing! Drop some game recommendations in the comments. No Pokemon, Megaman or Zelda games please, because those are all already on the list unless its an obscure spin-off.


I can't believe this is happening! Two of my favorite franchises in one! Streets of Kamurocho free on steam from Oct. 17-19!


Any content creators out there just use the excuse of "creating content" to splurge on a bunch of useless crap? Me neither.


Did any other adults love Disney Infinity as much as I did? Those are official carrying cases so probably not QUITE as much as I did but you know what I mean.


My wife is so cool! Excuse my braggin fellas. So awesome to have a partner that not only loves you, but also loves what you love! https://www.instagram.com/p/CF%20/?utm%20=ig%20


I just (finally) finished watching The Big O and holy crap. No wonder I never really understood this show as a kid. And still, I wish there was 3 more seasons.


Just had a MAJOR flashback to watching Big O growing up. Or as I thought of it, Cooler Batman. Yeah, I said it.


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