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[email protected]: What It Does (Jargon Free)

So after seeing this article on the front page it dawned on me that a lot of people probably know ABOUT [email protected] But how many people know what it actually DOES? You know, besides displaying a bunch of bars, numbers and colored balls at...


Umbrella Lab Coat II: The Back!

So I don't know why people were saying "nice" and whatnot on my earlier post about my new job, but whatever. Just thought that I'd update because things got even weirder today. The Parasol corp. people said that the initial trials were "hor...


Umbrella Lab Coat

So I got a new part-time job today, figured I'd make a few extra dollars during the weekend. So here's some pictures of my new lab coat. I think the company is called Parasol corp. or something like that. They have me working on some new...


Stepping Your Game Up: A Guide

Pretty much every gamer on the planet has the desire to get better at a given game or genre, and really the only way to do that is to put in the time and practice. Right? Wrong. There exists a most exquisite theory, which can be directly ...


About The GHostone of us since 1:55 AM on 01.25.2008

For the basics, check out my forum intro thread.

Or for the lazy, here's all you really need to know about me summed up in one picture:

Now that that's done with, let's move onto the blog itself. This blog isn't going to contain any news. Like EVER. Like NEVER EVER FOREVER NEVER. I have no intention of doing anything other than posting original content (mostly just pictures that I make with my extremely limited photoshop skills along with original stories and whatnot). The bottom line is that I think that there are plenty of people doing editorial/reviewer style content already, and so instead of adding to the glut, I'll just stick to what I know:

Dicking around :D

Now enjoy... or DON'T!

My one year anniversary: I did a bunch of traveling and met a bunch of Dtoiders whilst doing so. Here's my one year anniversary/travel summary audio c-blog.

Other work: I also write for a site called Negative Gamer which was started by Wardrox. It's super cool and full of dinosaurs. RAWR!

Destructoid Cards

I've made many a card for many a Dtoider after getting the idea from a forum thread in which Atheistium posted a template and a challenge. Currently I'm a little too busy with school/work/fighting enemies of truth and justice to make more, but I'll get another batch out eventually. Here are links to all my Dtoid card posts!

FooLiz, Blehman and Requests: The beginning

Booster Pack 1
Booster Pack 2
Booster Pack 3
Booster Pack 4
Booster Pack 5
Booster Pack 6
Booster Pack 7
Booster Pack 8
Booster Pack 9
Booster Pack 10
Booster Pack 11
Booster Pack 12
Booster Pack 12.5
Booster Pack 13
Booster Pack 14

Secret Booster Pack 1
Secret Booster Pack 2
Secret Booster Pack 3

Rules Post 1
Rules Post 2

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Destructoid card wrap-up post
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Why Fanboys Are Better Than You

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