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Somme Like it Hot: Youtube and World War 1

You know who I have a crush on? Indy Neidell. He has his own steam group of loyal followers. He is the perfect combination of blonde, Houston Astros fan, and historian. Also he worked closely to develop the historical indexes and medals in ...


Team Fortress 2 turns 10 today. Here's to 2 years of gameplay innovation, and 8 years of hats.


The perfect game to celebrate Orctober

So, second blog on here. There’s something you should know about me. First, I am a gay dude. Second, I am the exact kind of gay dude who the idea of Orctober appeals to. My biggest regret about getting fired at Blizzard, is that I lost ou...


Wiki Worries

Having recently played 2064: Read Only Memories, I find myself disappointed in the internet. Not just because there’s no trace of any lewd fanart of that one character I flirted with… make that my favorite character I flirted with. As I...


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Spent some time working support for video game companies.
Got a few fancy books and plastic statues in lieu of a living wage.
Spent a little less time trying to write for sites. One isn't around anymore, the other dropped me for a bad review.

And to think all this started with Disney DOS games when I was 4.