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Acquisition: Five years in the making

[Last week, I asked you to write a blog about that game you just had to have, and why you were so excited for it. Our first promoted blog is from Tarvu, who tells us about the excitement he had for the Halo 3 release, and how he hasn't had ...


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Lost Wing"One wing isn't even enough to leave"


Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On"Lives up to the extreme hype"


Merchant of the Skies"Technically, it's a rigid airship"




Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition: Hop's Iconic Hat"Probably the most colons I've ever put in a headline"


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout"Let the bodies hit the floor"


Void Terrarium"Morbius? Morbius?!"


Nioh 2: The Tengu's Disciple"Remember the Lunar Staff? It's back (in Nioh form)"


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These days, Ive been looking forward more to my Thursday dating But its Monday, so heres a review for Game Dev Which, I guess is, like, a retro review

Chris Moyse

Another slightly belated Happy Birthday to Destructoid mainstayer Thanks for all of your ongoing support buddy, hope you had a wonderful weekend! :)


Currently playing Overwatch with friends a few nights a It helps me deal with anxiety and depression, especially during this I am also trying to finish RDR2 (about 60%), but I find the game a bit slow


Good morning, whats your favorite screencap from Jims excellent new Jimquisition?


Recently found this guy MeatCanyon (well, small group of people) on Youtube, recommended to me after watching the Spongebob His stuff ranges from just funny (this one) to pretty dark, but its usually funny either This one is a favorite for m


Had a lot of fun playing through the first level of Halo: CE Anniversary, testing out my Xbox One Pleasantly surprised by how quick the console UI I also always seem to forget how amazing Halo: CE is early


I might be


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Chris Moyse

Sorry its a little late, but Hap-Happy Birthday to super-veteran Dtoid doode GajKnight! Hope you had an awesome weekend buddy! :)



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