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Scrabble and I

Right now I am naked and I have to admit it is mortifying and undignified – I should probably elaborate since what I actually mean is not nearly as inappropriate as what your perverse imaginations have just conjured up and also because it w...


Blu-ray and Nintendo

Ever since HD-DVD’s death notice was reported on by every damn website on the internet the question on every gamers mind has been; “ZOMG IZ MICROSOFT GOINGZ TO PUT DA BLU-RAYZ ON THE 360?? LOLLLZ!!!!1111 PWND” After getting their smartes...



Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘routine’ person I have to admit I do have a morning routine, it actually starts just before I go to bed when I set my alarm to go off 2 hours before I have to get up, that way I can trick myself i...


Newsflash: Play.com Live sucked!!!!

Upon hearing about Play.Com Live the gamer and budding video game journalist inside me worked itself up into crazed frenzy, after all, an open to the public event featuring playable versions of upcoming unreleased video games is something t...


Creepy real Mario!

I'll probably be criticized for making this a blog post but I just can't help myself, I mean - It's Mario rendered as a real person, and he's super creepy. Anyway, I went to Play.Com Live over the weekend and will be posting an entry abou...


PC Gaming = Still Alive!

Over the past few months some wildly outrageous and somewhat unsubstantiated claims have been thrown about – a pimple faced kid on the train told me Spider-Man sucked, my brother bragged he could beat me at Third Strike, and my ‘friend’ tol...


Review: Army of Two

Originally scheduled for release last year Army of Two is an intense third-person shooter developed and published by EA. In a surprising move EA opted to delay Army of Two for three months in order to allow their Montreal studios to add a f...


Ramble Ramble Ramble!

After coming to terms with the fact that my PC could no longer serve me in a functional capacity without a reformat I overcame my inhibitions and formatted my poor excuse for a personal computer – unfortunately for me my inhibitions returne...



It's that time of the year again, after days of chugging, cries of agony and intermittent but regular appearances of the deathly blue screen my PC has reached it's limit - Its time to reformat. It is currently living on borrowed time - hope...


Gamespot and I

As a young gamer there were a number of things that supplemented my inherent interest in gaming transforming it into a full-blown life consuming passion; my lack of interest in sport, my inability to form a connection with anyone not intere...


Inexplicably late review 2: Burnout Paradise

When Acclaim decided to publish Burnout back in 2002 who could have thought that it would become the staple of video gaming that it is today, the blistering speeds, heart wrenching takedowns and mind blowing crash sequences all contributed ...


My Gaming Setup

Up until now I've been a little reluctant to post my gaming setup on any website, this was largely due to the hideous 29" CRT TV, you may think that I'm overreacting but take my word for it -- the awesome panoramic photo taken with my Son...


Online Gaming Mischeif

Newsflash! Online gaming is no longer confined to the PC, if you own an Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Wii there’s a high probability that you are or have in the past played over either Live, PSN or the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for those dedic...


Inexplicably late review: Devil May Cry 4

Originally developed as Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry exploded onto the scene in 2001 brandishing a giant flash filled syringe which it proceeded to jam into the unsuspecting action game genre. Devil May Cry was a hack and slash game overf...


NES Heaven

The Nintendo Entertainment System is referred to by most gamers who had the manual dexterity to enjoy it in 1983 as the greatest video game console of all time. Unfortunately for me and many others the console was a little before our time,...


My First Blog.........................................4

It's been less than 60 seconds since deciding to write a Destructoid blog and I've already committed an internet posting faux pas - although probably not as infuriating as something like double posting a misleading title is still just a lit...


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