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XBOX 360 Xvid + Divx. Also Fall update Complete List

If you fire your 360 up on a regular basis (and why wouldn't you? Well, because... nevermind, lame) you've probably already noticed that the 'Fall Update' is ready. Well, this is the full list. I found it here. This huge list almost sugg...


Want some Dtoid custom XMB contest MAC help?

Right! Let's help each other out here. This is about the Dtoid PS3 theme contest Found here It's a shame that our Mac owning Dtoid companions can't enter this contest. But maybe I can be of any assistance. If you make some fancy Dtoid ic...


Uncharted Demo + Europe = Bad news!

From your European Correspondent: It looks like SCEA has put some kind of Region Restriction on the Uncharted Demo. I've just installed the highly anticipated demo but no, can't fire it up! When I try to start the game it says: "Please...


Blu-Ray of Death...

Nah! I've just read this story on a Dutch site: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sony appears to be having problems with failure rates on the new 40GB PlayStation 3 model, accordi...


Every Halo fan needs a chief in the bathroom

Nowadays you can buy almost anything on the ebay but I personally think this is the shit, no really, THE SHIT. Ok the Master Chief helmet I can understand, but THIS Apparently the guy selling this is retarded or a genius. And the one buyi...


Early Pre-TGS Microsoft Press Conference Footage

Gametrailers has just posted some footage of Press conference about upcoming Xbox 360 titles including: From Microsoft's own Gamestudio's: Halo 3 PGR4 Viva Pinata: Party Animals Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Third Party Producers: A...


Mass Effect footage overload

Just one hour ago Gametrailers.com showed not one, not two, three or four no... Five vidz on their website! And OMFG it looks amazing! It almost makes me get out in the rain and buy an XBox. Now I have to get back to work. But wait a minute...


Codemasters react on death Colin McRae

This is the official reaction from Codemasters as shown on their Website Colin McRae, 1968 - 2007. Everyone at Codemasters, especially those who worked directly with Colin McRae, is deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic events of th...


PSP Limited edition news! Two new editions

OMG! Just heard some news on Gamekings. It's in Dutch so I'll translate it a bit for you: This guy known as SonyDave (kind of marketing guy at Sony I believe) told Bald B and Dennis that there are two new special edition PSP's are in the ma...


PSN makes you listen to porn?

Damn!! I've got this wireless Sony Headphone that activates when there's a sound coming through the device where it is connected to. So in the same time it deactivates when there is none. But sometimes it connects to another device in the n...


Mario is dead long live Mario

Oh why not make a Dtoid blog entry about Super Mario's Birthday. He just got 26! You don't say with that mustache and lame trousers (I had the tv-series on my mind). But why is Mario dead? Well, MY Mario is dead. On his birthday my SNES di...


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