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PS3 Friday Night Fights: Noby Noby Boy Edition

You know I couldn't start the Friday Night Fights without mentioning Noby Noby Boy. I don't know what it is but it's really hard to stop playing. Correction. I do know what it is: You can eat your own butt. But it's Friday and you'r...


PS3 Friday Night Fights: Kick out the Jems!

Y0j1mb0 is currently locked up in my basement so therefor it's my turn again to present the PS3 Friday Night Fights! And boy oh boy it's going to get busy tonight! WipEout HD, Burnout: Paradise, Call of Duty World at War, NHL 09, SFIIHDRE...


The awesomeness of the Brits, one in particular.

If we hear the words The United Kingdom, Britain or simply the UK, we most definitely think about a lot of things. The Queen, Their Accent, Cups of Tea, Old chaps, Pubs, Fish&chips, The Beatles, Soccer, 007, Cor Blimey, Pip Pip Tally Ho and...


A time to build: LBP level creating tips

Little Big Planet is out for a while now. That's right, I wasn't going to talk about Lebanese Pounds (LBP) here but for your information: 1 Lebanese pound = 0,000525065336 euro's as of today, so technically it's almost out. I'm not going to...


And Happy Birthday to yet another community member!!

That's right! Today it's not only Samit's birthday, we celebrate another one. You might know him. He models, makes game babies, has a brother and a loving fianc�e Indeed... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK OF NO TRADES!!! To celebrate his birthday ...


The Adventures of Chad and friends...

I was fiddling around with The Amazing Mega Man Boss Maker. I love it! But there's something missing, your own favorite Dtoid characters. So I started creating something myself. There are some pics and some animations. Not everything is fin...


Feel the Hatred: People

I hate: Monthly Musing blogs without related content. I hate: Pink bordered Youtube Videos. I hate: Dutch Punkbands. I hate: Myself. I hate: Myself for hating me. I hate: You for hating me. I hate: Vixen. I hate: Love. I Love: Hat...


PS3 GTA IV SATURDAYS: There's a Snake in my game.

I can imagine no one is going to show up tonight. But if someone wants to play something else after fooling around with MGS4 all day, you're more than welcome. Interested Dtoiders just start your game @ 9pm EST and wait for your in-game...


It has arrived... Best Present Ever Edition.

This blog is dedicated to one of the finest Destructoid community members. HA-PUKEN Read on to see why. It started when James (Ha-Puken), Shipero, Y0j1mb0 and yours truly were playing Poker on PSN. James and Jimbo were drinking shots of...


Kojima signing stuff in Amsterdam + mini NARP

as seen on: Konami's website This is a quick heads-up: We all know Kojima is coming to London and New York. I was almost going to get a ticket to London until I stumbled upon the news that He is coming to Amsterdam as well. He takes the...



Oh hell yeah!! Even without Y0j1mb0 we will continue our series of Fights This call goes out to: Shipero, Ha-Puken, Sadistic, Liam, Whiteboy, Moosehole, DarkTraversty, Teta, Zaqu, Qraze, Video_Cognito, Manta, JackofnoTrades (internet lee...


PS3 Friday Night Fights: Bring out yer Gimp!!

First of all I must send my regards to Y0j1mb0. He's the one who put the FNF on the map. Godspeed Jimbo, good luck from all of us. Man, it's Tuesday and I'm already jazzed up to get online, get some like minded killers and destroy the co...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

My Rig, My Junk. If you would like to see the rest look at Charlies blog in a few days. them numbers: 1. I collect antiques 2. My RC Plane! Woohooo! Only why the fuck does the wind blow so damn hard around here? 3. Picture The Killz...


DMC4 PSN Demo. Europe, Abandon all hope edition.

They're at it again! Abandon all hope European gamers. First it was Uncharted now it's Devil May Cry 4. All you American and Japanese PS3 owners are playing the trial version and we? We may cry. Without any Devil. But enough of that nonse...


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