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Wait, Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ is also releasing the same day the Switch launches? Guess I will be picking up more than Zelda on launch then!


I know people are being skeptical about the Switch and that's good! However, as someone that skipped the WiiU, I am so fucking hyped. If there are a bunch of WiiU ports that I never played, I will be happy as long as there are a couple new games.


Just watched Ratchet and Clank since it was added onto Netflix yesterday. It was alright. It played it really safe. I honestly think Jak and Daxter or Sly Cooper would have been more interesting. The film brought nothing new but wasn't offensive.


I've been away from my Xbox for nine days, and what do I do when I come back? Grind the weekly loot boxes in Overwatch before the week switches over. I really need to stop giving a shit about those.


Please don't suck. Please don't suck. Please don't suck.


Working at a place that is open no matter what sucks sometimes but, you gotta make the best of it.


Seeing Ubisoft turn all these once linear awesome games into yet another one of their open world games has me worried. If they do the same to the next Splinter Cell, I am so fucking done with Ubisoft... except for Rayman. Please make another Rayman.


I like to keep my #Desktoptoid clean and simple. I thought about saying simple and clean but... this is a Halo wallpaper.


Just watched that new Mass Effect: Andromeda footage and... I just don't feel any certain way about it. I feel like I could like it or I could be bored by tedious missions like in DA:I. Maybe I'm just a crotchety old man.


#Occamstoid Occams is magnificent. I will never forget watching birthing videos and other weird shit at PAX. I hope to one day grow to inspire and feel so welcoming like you. Also,


With a resurgence of old Dtoid classics making a return last year, I have been thinking of bringing back another old time favorite. Perhaps Mass Debate/Debatoid?


Top Five Games of 2016

The year has finally come to a close. It feels like the first half blew through, while the latter half seemed to drag on. While the year might have been a mess, there were a ton of fantastic games that were released. So, as many peopl...


We are two weeks away from Nintendo's Switch presentation. I just want to know everything. TELL ME YOUR SECRETS NINTENDO.


I just saw the Overwatch Collector's Edition for sixty bucks. I thought I was done spending money on Overwatch for the year. I guess I was wrong.


So, the lovely wife got me an Xbox gift card as one of my gifts this year. I'm eyeing Batman Return to Arkham as well as FFXV. So, if you can, sell me on FFXV! I don't usually play JRPGs but I do love Kingdom Hearts.


Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with friends and family. I'll be holding down the fort at work tonight and tomorrow so you all will have to give me my Christmas cheer this year.


Why Video Games?

Throughout my life, I always get asked the question of “What are you interested in?” The usual response I would give would be video games. As a kid, not too many people batted an eye to that response. That response seemed ...


Woo! Finally reached that Diamond status! After almost one hundred and sixty three hours, thirty six of those on Lucio alone, I finally reached my goal. Now, to aim for Master!


My #WorstVideoGameFeature has to be Grinding. Whether it is grinding for Exp in a JRPG because I've hit a wall or grinding for a weapon that may drop by doing the same mission over and over again. I just don't have that kind of time anymore.


Making my a top five games of the year list and am struggling between the lower three on the list. My top two is easy to pick though. Hopefully I will have that up by the end of the week.


I'm glad I gave Dead Rising 4 a chance. While it doesn't live up to the original or second game, I am having a blast playing it.


Rock Band Rivals online component for Rock Band 4 is being implemented on January 25th. A little late but I am pumped. You can read more about it here.


I am pumped to see the rest of the roster for MvCI! I know it already has some controversial choices such as 2v2, no assists and a 24 character roster but I'm still excited. Not as excited as I am for Injustice 2 but I know I am in the minority there.


Finally got around to playing Hotline Miami 2. While I am loving it, the soundtrack doesn't seem on par with the first game. The only one that had me into the jam was on level eight of the second act. Then again, I'm not done with it yet.


Looking Back at Fifteen Years of Xbox

Earlier this month, Microsoft celebrated the Xbox's 15th year anniversary. There have been a lot of highs and lows through the life of the Xbox brand. I have personally enjoyed the Xbox brand and it's ecosystem since the original cons...


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