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Penn & Teller take on violent video games...

As you may know, the magicians Penn & Teller have a show titled "Bullshit" where they take a topic and discuss why it's...well, bullshit. Tonight's episode was on the topic of violent video games turning otherwise innocent kids into raging ...


Destructoid invades WWE...again!

This past week WWE was in Southern California for their RAW taping and yet again I was there with a couple signs. However, unlike the previous invasions, this time I ended up getting a sign confiscated mid-show. Apparently it's against WWE'...

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Destructoid invades WWE again!

[Editor's note: Suff0cat is made of pure win and awesome. He went to a WWE show this past week and showed off his love for Destructoid and this amazing community. Suff, keep an eye out on your mailbox as we are going to be sending y...


Destructoid invades another TV show!

That's right, our favorite website popped up on TV again. Unfortunately, this invasion didn't take place in the form of a fucking awesome sign in a sea of people. You'll have to wait until June 3rd for another dose of that epic-ness. Thi...


My Rock Band bass pedal is much better than yours.

Rock Band drums, quite possibly the most awesome gaming peripheral ever. Sadly they have a very annoying flaw in the form of a crappy plastic bass pedal. If you haven't already, you most certainly will break the pedal at some point. And if ...


D-Toid totally invaded WWE RAW last night!

Your eyes don't decieve you, that really was a Destructoid sign you saw on last night's episode of WWE RAW. Way back in November, I went to a taping of WWE RAW and brought along a very half-assed Destructoid sign that made a very brief ...


Thank-a you for calling Gamestop, It's-a Me..Mario!

So I look at my phone and see I've got a voicemail. I play it and find that it's the Pre-Order reminder for Super Mario Galaxy...only it's not that creepy computer female voice, it's-a Mario, and he's telling me to bring trade-ins to put to...


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I also have a reputation for doing stupid things on Stickam when the YAY! M&M's! room is up.

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