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My Experiences as a Videogame Reviewer: Month 4

Optional title this time would be: The jump online. Now, unfortunately for those who read these little blogs on my Reviewer and writer career, most of the stuff I produce has been in German and not available online. Well, good news! At lea...


My Experiences as a videogame reviewer: Month 3

All I can say is: WOW. Holy crap, already three months in this business? Time really flies by, since I have to manage University and the reviewer stuff at the same time. Busy-Bee indeed... So, general lessons this month? Well, I'm still ma...


Sidequests of a reviewer

... or „What the heck have I been playing besides the stuff I have to review for my side-job?“ That title would have been too long. If haven't done so, check out my other pieces about my two first months as a videogame reviewer for a daily ...


My first experiences as a videogame reviewer

As some of you might know, I have become a freelance videogame reviewer for a daily newspaper in my country. Don't bother asking me which one etc. I'm not going to tell you, but I still wanna share a bit of my personal experience with tha...


EU-FNF October 1st

Damn, this is exciting! The first time for 2 weeks where I write the EUFNF blog. Tarvu is not with us today, but that won't put a stop to our EUFNF or world domination plans. You can participate, no matter where you live, just write in the ...


An open letter to Mr. Sakamoto

Dear Mr. Sakamoto, Before I get started, I want to tell you how much I loved Super Metroid, which I completed only a few days ago. It is one of the few games I would essentially call flawless. It is the first side-scrolling Metroid I play...


My first time with: Super Metroid

Now this took a long time. I finally beat Super Metroid for the very first time. Damn, I can still remember my first try, which I actually described in one of my very first C-Blogs. Why does it always take me so long to do that stuff? So an...


EUFNF September 17th - A Deadly Premonition Indeed!

This week of EUFNF (European Friday Night Fights) is pretty much limited to Halo:Reach. What a surprise! But still, Tarvu is planing on doing some stuff on PC, so you might want to stalk him for a bit about that. Have fun, everyone! Oh yea...


EUFNF September 10th: HALO HALO HALO Edition!

So, apparently we are playing Halo 3 on EUFNF (European Friday Night Fights) tonight, since we will be playing Helo: Rech next week. I don't know why this should make any sense to you, but Tarvu said I should write this, so I write this, b...


EUFNF September 3rd

Glorious Friday has come once again, which means we are in for another tasty Round of EUFNF (European Friday Night Fights). We have a nice diversity of games going on this evening, so feel free to join. If you want to host your own stuff, g...


EUFNF August 27th

Hello Everyone, Since it is Friday again, it is time for a new EUFNF (European Friday Night Fights). Since there seems to be some confusion on how the EUFNF actually works, Tarvu has a blog up explaining most of it's inner workings. So, h...


EUFNF August 6th

Oh hi! So, yeah, after I got THAT out of my system, we can all focus on EUFNF (European Friday Night Fights) with a tasty selection f games for you to join. It's timed for Europe, but you can also join the fun if you come from the UK, US...


EUFNF July 30th

Oh Hi! It' EUFNF time again, and I'm not too sure, if I'm going to be able to join you people... but don't let that interfere with your gaming plans, people of Destructoid. In this edition of the European Friday Night Fight, in which everyo...


EUFNF Friday 23rd of July: Now with 100% more Forum!

Oh, Hi! So I heard there was a thing going on tonight?Apparently, it's called EUFNF (EUropeam Friday Night Fights) and everyone from everywhere is invited! What are we playing? Here's the list: Platform: PC/Mac, Steam Game: Team Fortress...


EUFNF July 16th – Is this your first time? - Edition

Hello everyone! This time, the Blog to EUFN is extra early. Why? Well, mostly because I have to work during the week, so the preview Blog post can't be done during the week. So, promote this blog post and the official Forum Topic as much as...


EUFNF July 2nd – OH, THOSE YOUNG PEOPLE!!! Edition

I suddenly noticed that I'm old. All the others are like 12, which is frustrating, to say the very least. So yeah... what? Videogames? Oh yeah, there is EUFNF this evening again, and people from everywhere can join op for it. Awesome, isn...


EUFNF June 25th: Slacker Edition!

It's Friday! Fantastic, isn't it? EUFNF is a thing that will happen tonight, and we're back to the good old times, where we played many different games. Since I have an exam tomorrow, I won't be participating that long, but oh well... EU...


Homo Ludens and its importance for Videogames

Wait, don't leave because you think “Oh no, not a 'Why games are Art' Blog AGAIN“. Because, this is not really what this blog post is about. When discussions about that topic arose again because of some random person that people in Europe...


EUFNF June 25th preview post

Apparently, EUFNF is coming back to the old form this weekend, which is, to be honest, absolutely mindbogglingly awesome! There will be Team Fortress 2 again on the Destructoid Server hosted by Watermanx, starting on 19.00 (GMT+1). We'll ...


No More Heroes and the Deconstruction of the Phallus

Before starting, there are some things that have to be said. This little thingy here has been written and rewritten several times, and was originally conceived for an University Class focussing on Women's Writing. So, if you think, some thi...


EUFNF June 18th: Flawless Victory Edition!

Well, here we are again! Since there is that world cup thingy going on there somewhere in Africa, the main event will, once again, be Team Fortress 2 on Steam. It does not matter if you're from Europe or not, everyone can join! It's going t...


EUFNF June 11th - Fail Edition

Definitely appropriately titled. Since the World Cup starts today, there won't be as many people as usual. But since TF2 is free on this weekend, why don't you join for a nice game of that? We'll meet in the Steamtoid chat at 19.00 (GMT+1...


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I also wrote for several weeks for www.Gamersyndrome.com

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