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Picked up some fun stuff from a local game shop to goof around with this weekend. Black label Chrono Cross definitely was the snag of the day though. Also a pristine Rygar for $6 wasn't too shabby either.


God damn, that Modern Warfare 2v2 Alpha is fun as hell. I was skeptical, but this is exactly what online shooters need right now. It's quick and to the point, no bulshit, no stupid gadgets, no building forts... somehow CoD is a breath of fresh air.


Finally finished The Last Guardian tonight... what a special game. Just left feeling like no other game has left me feeling. Man I love Ueda's games so much. I can't wait to see what's to come next generation.


After hooking up my PS2 and going back in time for a bit, I've decided that the PS2 is my favorite console and it's my favorite era of gaming as well, with the GameCube and OG Xbox. What's your favorite console and era? They don't have to be the same.


Would you pay $750-$800 for the PS5 if it was capable of playing all physical media spanning the entire PS1-PS4 library?


Oh man, Bloodstained is fucking great...


Been working my balls off lately, so I decided to treat myself to Samurai Showdown, CTR, and Bloodstained. Haven't done a nice splurge like this in a while and it feels real good, almost like my balls are coming back to life. These games are fun as hell.


Just watching Tim Schafer play Centipede. NBD. Pic in comments since Qtoid is acting weird.


Dang I ran into Dale North and freaked out Peter at E3 so far. First day was a success!


I wanna high five some Dtoid staff at E3. Where you at?


I've been playing Dreams early access and there's some really impressive stuff on it so far. There's also a lot of really rough stuff that makes you appreciate how much work it takes to make a good game and makes me appreciate my real games more now.


Apparently, codes for the Nioh 2 closed alpha are being emailed out to PSN folks. I just got one and I'm downloading that baby now. Gonna be a fun weekend now!


Picked up the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. Had $10 PSN credit and figured $10 total was worth it. It's pretty weird playing NES, SNES, Gameboy games on PS4. Now I really want a Ghouls n Ghosts collection including Maximo games from Capcom. Please.


Here's me growing a new strawberry and trying to recover from playing Mordhau until 3am with my brother last night. #selfietoid


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is actually super fun and plays super well. I'm glad I finally checked it out after all of the hate died down for it. It's definitely more fun than MvC3 and actually more fun than SFV. Such a good dang time.


Started playing Dragon's Crown on PS3 yesterday and decided it was a good idea to use the rest of my PSN wallet monies to buy Dragon's Crown Pro and experience the game in 4K. This was a good decision. Every little bit of this game is eye/brain candy.


Did you guys know that Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is still really damn cool? Just in case you forgot.


I really want to play NBA Street Vol. 2 right now, but I have no way to do it. Starting to consider some PS2 emulation just to play it again. Remember when EA used to make cool stuff?


Three games off the backlog! Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Spider-Man, and Yakuza 6. Feels good to knock out some bigger ones! They were also some really good ones. SotTR was actually the best of the series I thought. Less murder and more tombin' was good.


If ya'll got nothing going on tonight and want to help my old buddy out, he's trying to get Affiliate status on Twitch and just needs some more viewers/followers. If you go, thanks, that's real cool of ya! https://www.twitch.tv/vomitwizard


The "death" mechanic in Outward is brilliant. There are so many smart things happening in the game that it completely makes up for any of the roughness the game has. It's amazing such a small team has managed to make a refreshing open world experience.


Double post while shitting. Musta been impatient and hit Post twice. Sorry, folks!


Outward is a fucking brilliant game. I really hope these guys sell a ton of copies and they get a bigger budget for their next open world project. What a breath of fresh air in very predictable world of open world games. So impressed by such a small team.


Just getting into Vagrant Story and man it could really use a remake. What a beautiful, awesome game even in its blocky, jaggy, messy, wobbling-texture, early 3D game form.


Hey, that first PlayStation State of Play thing starts at 2pm today! Time to be disappointed?


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