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The game's hated around here but Wes Tacos and I are going to start up some Metal Gear Survive action soon if anyone wants to join on PS4. Please only respond if you're interested and not just Konami hate posts. It's currently about $14 on Amazon w/prime.


Sony's at it again offering a 20% off discount code for an entire cart purchase for watching a video of Detroit: Robo Bois. Just make sure to click on the "Quests" tab and scroll down!


PSA: There's a Zone of the Enders 2 PS4 demo up on the Japanese PSN store for anyone curious about it. About to fire it up myself!


Welp... H1Z1 is a shitshow so far on PS4. I know it's free and all, but any game that contains a bug where I lose complete control of my character and he just stops moving is pretty damn sad. These guys want to compete with Fortnite with this? No good.


I saw this on Hideo Kojima's Instagram feed late last night. Look where this guy is "accidentally" pointing. MGS 0 confirmed. [Bump] For updated breaking news. #E3hype


I've gotta say... I feel like audio logs are a terrible way to flesh out a backstory of a game. I really can't stand them. I think I've listened to like maybe 2% of the audio logs I've come across.


I've been going down rabbit hole of MGSV story theories and its ties to Death Stranding and the possibility of it being MGS0 and it has been a fascinating and entertaining experience. Even if the theories are way off, it's fun to think about! Here's one:


Awesome. My PSN is compromised today & now I'm locked out for 24-48 hours. Had planned a birthday weekend with the kid to nerd out on games, now we're fucked for the weekend unless it resolves early. I hope there's s special place in hell for these people


Reinstalled Battlefield 4 after getting super burnt out on playing Fortnite with people... and good lord, what a wonderful game. I've been back playing Modern Warfare Remastered too. They don't make 'em like these anymore... back when games were men.


Just some everyday stuff from a Far Cry 5 co-op session last night.


I found an Occams in the wild. Had to post pic in the comments because of sideways pic weirdness. Hmm double post I guess. Pay no mind to this one.


I found an Occams in the wild. Had to post pic in the comments because of sideways pic weirdness.


It's weird, I usually prefer 60fps in most action games, but 30fps feels right for God of War and even though it's a running joke now of sorts, 30fps mode does feel more cinematic and feels like it fits the game better. Didn't expect that at all.


PSA: you may now begin pre-downloading God of War. Playable by 9pm PST. I can't wait to explore it!


Sometimes you just have to order a pizza, turn on Twitch on your PS4, turn on something to play on the PC, and use your laptop to post about it on Destructoid. It helps me forget that I have to be up at 5:30am tomorrow. It already hurts.


Why is the second half of Ys VIII so absurd and convoluted? The story has really gone off the rails on a crazy train. I want to see it through to the end, but I also just want to go play Ni No Kuni 2 now.


Damn. Going back to MGS 3 and realizing the controls are so damn archaic. I loved the game in its day, but I don't see myself ever going back and playing it with this control scheme. The mechanics of the series just got so good with 4 and 5.


Haha wow... I think this clip may have just sold me on Far Cry 5.


Remember online passes? I was looking back at my PS3 library and saw some and remember thinking back then how shitty I thought they were. Boy... if only online passes were the issue these days. They're pretty shitty, yeah, but man... how far we've come.


You guys think Darksiders Warm-ass-turd on PS4 is worth $3.99? Anyone love this series and if so, why? I haven't checked them out at all. I know it's kind of silly to ask if $4 is worth it, but I kinda have OCD about how I spend money, so yeah...


I'm trying REALLY hard to like FFXII HD, but I just can't. The combat is just as bad as I remember it being when it first came out and I just can't get used to it. The game just basically plays itself with Gambits and there is no joy in the combat.


Where are all the PS2 games on PS4? The last thing released was Jak 3 in November. Where is my Maximo 1&2? Why is this the way life is?


Amazon is where I go for my reviews now. The girl was delicious.


Song of the Deep is absolutely worth $3.74. It's the same price on PSN and Steam right now. Very cool stuff.


If you've been waiting for a patch, it looks like the frame rate issues for Dynasty Warriors 9 have been addressed for PS4 owners. I'm not sure how significant of an improvement it is, but I'm glad they did something at least. It's fun, but yea, chuggy


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