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Well I guess I’ll finally start playing Smash. That Kazuya trailer was funny as hell.


Who is this lady and why, Capcom? Just show the videos man.


Guardians of the Galaxy… all I can say is uhhh “yuck”? Whew.


Microsoft knows what’s up. This is how you show games. Don’t force a bunch of scripted junk at me. Just show me the games. Amazing shit right here.


That Devolver presentation was awful. Like, they’ve crossed over from witty satire to just another boring corporate presentation wanting to think it’s hip and edgy. The weird anger toward premium services just seems so childish. So far E3 is weird man


I think I might be getting old. Most upcoming indie games look like some stuff I just can’t get into. I appreciate that people are making their own things, but also I find a lot of them to be insufferable and always seem to be so depressing? Dunno man


Well… I didn’t remember Conker’s Bad Fur Day starts with that Clockwork Orange milk scene. Wtf haha.


Just a heads up, I was able to snag an Xbox Series X via Xbox All Access on Walmart just now. Worth checking it out if you’re in the market for one!


After playing all the way through the RE8 Village Demo I can say now that I am not into this game. Ethan sucks so hard as a protagonist and he’s so whiny and bitchy. The dialogue has been pretty cringey too but not in fun old RE way. I dunno, gonna wait


I ate 4 donuts this morning and have somehow been enjoying Overwatch again. Pretending like my second vaccine shot has got me feeling bad has been great so far. I highly recommend pretending to be under the weather to do whatever you want. Treat yourself!


RE VIII demo was pretty good, but they need to add an FOV slider because that shit is a lil too tight for comfort for me. Feels like I'm walking around looking through a zoomed in camera and feels not great after a while. The rest is awesome though.


Okay so I took a chance on Persona 5 Royal after bouncing off of vanilla P5 and man... it is significantly better. I can't wait to properly dig into this game now. The updated character models/lighting/anti-aliasing/resolution are all beautiful.


So it turns out Immortals Fenyx Rising is a super fun game. The narration wasn’t nearly as bad as the demo had me thinking it was. These are the kinds of games Ubisoft needs to stick with and refine. I haven’t had this much simple fun in a while.


Hot take: Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ is more enjoyable than Persona 5. The Falcom formula is just too good.


Guys... Sakura Wars on PS4 is very good. Some really great production values and just an overall relaxing game with some pretty fun Warriors/Musou style combat. Just wanted to give the game a little love and praise just for the heck of it.


Wow! After just complaining about it the day before yesterday, the PS5 PSN store has added a "Deals" tab. So weird it wasn't there before.


To anyone who has a PS5... how in the fuck do you find games that are on sale on PSN? This PSN UI feels like it's missing some pretty important categories...


Wow this thing seems really cool. Link to Kickstarter in comments, but it's only $39.


I got a god damn PS5. It is very good. It was nice knowing you all. I'm gonna put this rumbling controller up my butthole and ride off into the sunset.


Some high quality original content in the comments


You know... Devil May Cry 2 really isn't that bad. I was playing the HD version at 4K last night and just enjoying it as a PS2 action game rather than a DMC game and it was pretty fun! Lucia's also a pretty fun character to play as.


Bump! Happy Holidays everyone! I have some free games from Humble Bundle that I won't ever play and thought someone here might like them. Let me know what you want and I'll drop ya the code! List in comments...


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