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Nintendo you disappoint me.

After so many years,with a brand new console incoming,you come up with this ? http://i45.tinypic.com/htgyrl.jpg Call it a reboot,or a sequel,or a prequel,or a remake,however you want. You know that Nintendo games doesn't have story progres...


Classic FPS gaming is dying

Introduction Unfortunately as time passes I realize that the classic old-school gameplay system of FPSs is dying. I'm referring to the game design that was common in the FPSs of the 90s,and basically the very pure and first realization of t...


Some Pros and Cons of PC gaming.

I became a PC gamer since my xbox360 died by itself with RROD for the 4th time back in 2008. I was always a console gamer,and for the most I was a Nintendo fan,up until the Wii which I disliked. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to buy a ...


My Dark Souls PC review.

The Hype Dark Souls is a game that had lot of hype ready for it before its publication. PS3 players that had played Demon's Souls where so excited when the game was announced that made me think that this series was a good one. There where ...


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