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Welp, Vanilla DIII down, 3 weeks, 6 days. That 5 mil grind was kinda hell (get it), but was awesome to play a very classic, unpatched version of DIII. Didn't even have a mailbox yet, and the hardest difficulty was Master V. Next up, RoS PS3.


The Woburn MA GameStop I've been visiting for nearly 14 years is now closing. When I last visited, they were proudly displaying a corporate award for excellence on the door. This is going to be a rough year if GS can't make it to the new consoles.


Anyone else ever have dreams that they are a Wrestler? If yes, were you any good? It's a power trip to be the center of attention in the ring, until I remember I have no idea what to do or how the match will go. Ring general I am not.


Backlog update: nearly 8 years later, started playing Diablo III for PS3, the console port that arguably fixed the game by forgoing the awful auction house. Very impressed by how well the game aged, as well as how beautiful it still looks on a PS3.


Fine, fine. Okay fine. I'm in. Fine.


Heads up, PSN having an End of Year Sale for 835 games. Now enjoy a gorgeous pic I took from my bathroom window yesterday. #WashYoHands


30 years ago, Batman sent his death car to kill every last man, woman and child in Axis Chemicals for the greater good of Gowtham. He wasn't FN around. That's the Batman I grew up with. Can't wait to relive that moment courtesy of Lego this Christmas :)


After a long silence, God tier developer Vanillaware's 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim launches this week in JP. Famitsu gave it a 38/40, placing it among Vanillaware's best. Cannot wait for next year's localization.


You know something is legit when everyone is on the same page. Kudos to Remedy for their work.


When reviews said SW Jedi: Fallen Order feels like Souls game, I ironically lost a lot of interest. There's many things I'd do with force powers and a light saber, but being slow and methodical aren't among them. I'll wait for a sale. What say you all?


Dat bust, Dem hips, it's nice to see NRS get the memo that women come in different shapes. My ultimate MK milf is koming back. Kannot wait.


Legit obsessed with Blasphemous. The sprite work, level and story quality are all god-tier, especially for a kickstarted indy. The animation is so visceral, difficulty just right and getting the plat can be brutal as so much is miss-able. It's perfect.


Just bought Phantasmagoria on Steam. No witty pun or point to this post really, just happy to play this gem on another platform. Apex FMV game for the win!


I wonder who the FF7 Remake is actually intended for. Younger gamers won't have nostalgia for an RPG from 97 they may not have played, and many older FF7 fans have since become jaded with the fragmented practices of modern gaming, esp from SE. *shrugs*


NSFW - All MK11 Fatalities on Terminator T-800. Well, all I can say is they did the best they could, haha.


Soooo, Terminator (T-800) is out as DLC for MK11 in about 3 weeks. I'm not sure people thought this through enough. Either they're gonna have to retcon the T-800 A LOT or someone's gonna have to go and manually update the existing Fatalities A LOT.


Havent played FF8 since I beat it 20 years ago. Loved it then, love it even more now. Some parts are genuinly touching and resonate more now that Im a Dad. Old school Square forever.


Welp, Tekken 7 Season 2 is FINALLY on sale. Come home Julie, come home.


Months later, MK11 still one of the most gorgeous games I've ever played. Kant wait to see what Terminator brings next month.


Anyone play 198X yet? Looks dope as hell, killer art style and variety, is $9.99 and comes with a plat. Right up my indy alley.


Recently, I find myself fretting my own mortality nearly every day. Not that I'm sick or in threat of immediate harm. But rather, I just really want to live long enough to see what the FF7 Remake's version of Super Nova looks like.


MK11 PS4 servers never came back up after today's maintenance. Many complaining on social but NRS hasnt responded. No online, obvs, but also no stats, gear, krypt, towers of time. Cute glimpse into the future when the klose severs and kill the entire game


Each second that passes between now and the FFVIII HD release hits like a hammer. I kannot wait. If I kould kompress time, I would. The best era of Square JRPG's will live forever.


Just not digging Bloodstained. Idk why devs have this obsession with slowing down gameplay with tons of pointless dialogue. It didnt serve Mighty No 9, it doesnt work here. Megaman and Castlevania didnt become classics because they doubled as novellas.


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