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Howdy hey team, Starmac here for the second time, geared and ready to bring you my holiest and most righteous of thoughts and musings. Only I'm not. Instead of that boring shit I'm going to lazy my way through this second post, by telling y...


An Introductory Post: Why I Play Video Games.

Whatís up all you punks and nerds? I just so happen to be new here, and Iíve seen from my browsing of the site that quite a few of you are big on blogging. So, in an effort to become one with the community, Iíve decided to try my hand at m...


About Starmacone of us since 6:30 PM on 04.22.2011

It's your lucky day those of you who were once unaware of my existence, I just so happen to be pretty awesome. In fact, I may quite possibly be the most incredible, handsome, fantastic, flexible, handsome, intelligent, and all around sweetest person to ever grace our dear planet Earth. According to incredibly accurate speculation, that is.

Okay, so not really. In reality I'm just your average optimistic 20-year-old (community) college student, with high ambitions, and a love for playing video games. I live in Utah, which half the time (if not all the time) is cold and oppressive, and the other half, hot and I guess less oppressive (probably since it's warmer). I've been playing games since I was around four, my first one being The Lion King on the Super NES. Since then it's been one of those things that sort of becomes a life long obsession. However, it's not the only thing I like! Other things I enjoy/obsess about include: films, books, anime, cartoons, drawing, painting, music, my hair, my skin, pretty much my entire appearance, animals, summertime, springtime, the outdoors, tanning, old stuff, cute girls, grapes, almonds, Tostino's Pizza Rolls, internet, glasses, socks? I dunno, I'm running out of things I like.

So yeah, games I like! As a former (sort of) Nintendo fanboy, most of my favorite games happen to be from one of their franchises, or at least something that's on one of their consoles. The rest of the time I just like games that do something different. I also generally like underrated things, I adored the Gamecube, for example.

Anyways, here's a big list of my favorites of different things:

Video Games: The Zelda Series, Mother Series, the Paper Mario games, Pokemon (specifically, Sapphire and White), Metroid Series, Ace Attorney, Persona 3 & 4, Metal Gear Solid Series, Uncharted Series, Chrono Trigger, Red Dead Redemption, Ico, Shadow of The Colossus, Final Fantasy's IV & IX, Professor Layton, Silent Hill 2 & 3, River City Ransom, Ghost Trick, Yoshi's Island, Cave Story, Beyond Good and Evil, Portal 1 & 2, MVC2, Valkyria Chronicles, Okami, Mario & Luigi, Katamari, Dark Cloud, Kirby Superstar, Left4Dead, Mass Effect.

Movies: Lost In Translation, Apocalypse Now, Lawrence of Arabia, 12 Angry Men, Goodfellas, Groundhog Day, Good Will Hunting, Almost Famous, The Truman Show, Let The Right One In, Adaptation, The Apartment, Up in the Air, Coen Brothers, Disney Movies, Pixar Movies, Moon, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Terminator 1 + 2, Pan's Labyrinth, Kill Bill, Wallace & Gromit.

Anime: FLCL, Gurren Lagann, BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad, Mushishi, Kino's Journey, Wolf's Rain, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Haruhi Suzumiya, Black Lagoon, Gunbuster, Eureka Seven, Gankustuo: The Count Of Monte Cristo, Welcome To The NHK, Panty & Stocking w/Garterbelt, Now And Then Here And There, Miyazaki films (Princess Mononoke specifically), The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Digimon.

Music: I'll be brief here, cause it would take too long to list 'em all. SO TOP 5 THEN: The Replacements, Husker Du, David Bowie, The Wipers, Bruce Springsteen.
Favorite Album: Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys

Books: Lolita, Flowers For Algernon, Brave New World, Lord Of The Flies, Perks Of Being A Wallflower, A Clockwork Orange. Pretty much everything I read (WHAT A NERD).