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Mass Effect: The Spin-offs vol. 1 (No Spoilers)

No spoilers for Mass Effect 3's ending! Safe to read for most people. Everybody knows that Mass Effect 3 is the end of Shepard's story � Bioware has been saying this since they announced ME3. Everybody also knows that ME3 is not the en...


Disappointment: BRINK

What I want to talk about is Brink. Yeah, maybe you remember it coming out this past May, maybe you've already forgotten it. The general reception among critics and players was poor scores and bad initial impressions. But I'm not angry...


What I Want in 2012: E3 2012

What I want to see most in 2012 is what the platform holders and big developers/publishers bring to 2012. And not in a sincere, hopeful, or optimistic sense either. I think this longer-than-typical console lifecycle is going to leave E...


It is 2011, and I ordered CDs in the mail, WTF?

I ordered my Skyrim soundtrack back on Nov. 9th, and checking my email this morning after work I learn that it started shipping to me on Dec. 13th. So that's cool, I'm not even upset about the month-plus delay. I take it as normal that, a...


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