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2010 Sucked: Broke Assness

Some of us, the unlucky part of the community, are pretty damn strapped for cash. There are plenty of reasons behind the lack of expendable cash and I’m sure that it’s not hard to relate to. These budgets make things like steam sales and b...


The Great Escape: The Double Wammy!

HEY LOOK GAIS! I MADE A BANNER! Ah, once upon a time life was good at least good for someone who couldn’t legally drink yet. Good as in having a decently paying job and a……what’s the politically correct term for fuck buddy? Is there anyth...


Friends or Enemies?

Nothing like online gaming! You get a whole other level of stuff to do with a game to get your monies worth out of it. There are so many people online that you’re bound to get in a decently sized game. You get to socialize with people who l...


My Expertise: Luck

We’ve all had the close calls and the “HOW DID I LIVE THROUGH THAT!” moments, but for a few of us it gets to the point where when we have a lucky streak going we become godly. Be it flailing on a analog stick and getting ridiculous dodges o...



THIS REVIEWER IS A FANBOY! THIS REVIEWER IS A GENIOUS! THIS REVIEWER IS AN AHOLE! THIS REVIEWER IS AWESOME! How often do the comments of a dtoid writers articles boil down to one of those four? Can I get a chart of those compared to con...


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