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Current feelings on Control: super different, super fun, super neato. Am enjoying for the most part. The cheapness that can randomly arise from combat though can fuck right off. Also play on a pro/x or else it's a stuttering mess.


AI is top fucking notch in this game.


Been playing Wandersong for a few hours. Story is cute and fun, but what is it with indie games and having shit game mechanics? Game is literally push right stick in direction of cues until the setpiece is over. At least for now? Also happy birthday Riff!


Just watched Jojo Rabbit. Easily my movie of the year.


First Siege match since Mozzie got released and I clutch MVP, bringing the game back from 0-2 to 3-2. Current status.


Just got told on a night out I look like Quentin Tarantino.... I used to get Robert Pattinson a bunch, which I get. But Quentin? Mang....


So had secret santa tonight and we got the gift in the comments. It's lewd, it's vulgar, it was made by the lady who gave it. #Cursedmas #NSFW


Ok Torchlight 2, you're officially too long. I appreciate it and all but good god I'm level 50 and just leaving act 2.


Holy fuck that Xbox. And that name. I just..... Gamespass was so good Microsoft.... What the fuck.... Heheheh... WHAT THE FUCK MICROSOFT. LOOK AT THIS THING.


My exact reaction upon hearing the setting for the new Borderlands DLC:


So Afterparty is out and it's day one on games pass. I'd let Microsoft butt fuck me by now.


I just put two and two together and realized Lyle from Pregame Discharge is the same guy who was in Sanity Not Included. My world is shattered and I've busted six times.


Outer Worlds PSA: go into your UI settings and untick "show base item stats." That'll allow you to see your gear with the addition of your stats influencing the gun/armor, etc.


Current status:


Better half's birthday today. Going out to a nice dinner with friends before demolishing them in lazer tag. Current prep phase:


Gearz & Beerz with Frosty & CoruptAI125. Come chat if you want, or don't. I'm not your keeper. Www.twitch.tv/JurassicSaint


The better half mentioned today while listening to this jam that she hears sneezing, I'm like what? Then she explains yeah, I hear: "wanna be ACHOOO! In the moonlight!" During the chorus and now I can't un-hear it. I'm so sorry GM.


You all ever use games as a reference point for time? Cause I was just talking to my buddy like "yeah dude that happened when modern warfare 2 came out!" Then googled it to see what year that was.


Obvious opinion: when you have a view that goes against the grain in a group of 3+ they tend to just disagree and move on.


Man fuck a backpacker.


I got the fuel. Fired up and angry as all hell it's Soulbow streaming Gears 5 classic versus. Get ready to get gibbed boy. www.twitch.tv/JurassicSaint




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