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I can Animal Crossing too.


Don't forget to be safe in all aspects of your life.


God damnit Ubisoft I knew you were behind this.


Well, tomorrow morning I write my part 1 of the CPIM exam. If passed, it'll lead to me moving up within my company. Pray to your waifu tonight for me ladies and gentlemen. Or Lord Tachanka if that's more your thing.


I'm too lazy to make a picture. Here you go: Christina Hendricks, Kat Dennings, Kate Upton, and Alexandria Daddario.


Oh how the mighty have fallen....


For some reason the better half always asks me if I'm "commenting on Pornhub" while browsing dark theme D Toid. Weirdly enough I don't even have a pornhub account. Although, I suppose the two could be interchangable.


I have absolutely NO idea what this games about, buttfuck it. This one's for you D Toid. Feel free to come hang out while I try to figure out exactly what the fuck Yakuza Zero is. www.twitch.tv/JurassicSaint


Oh. Oh no.


Yup. RDR2 is still the prettiest game ever made.


Happy V Day folks! You're all my favorite meat bicycle <3




Parasite is fantastic go see it this has been your Public Soulbow Announcement.


Share with me that dirty dubstep D Toid. The kinda wobbles that make you shit yourself. The drops that drop kick you right in your new JUUL vape pen. Show me the stuff that disappoints your parents, I want to live like it's 2010 again.


Holy fuck I love D.P.


Was just venting a bit about my job to my better half. At one point I said my "frustration, was getting bigger" and without missing a beat she quipped back "Soul don't fucking tell me to pull your devil trigger." That's why she's my favorite human.


People who prefer other types of bud over B.C. bud are people I do not trust.


Just beat Control. Story makes zero sense, Jesse is hardly a character, and I had to cheese the last third of the game cause it was just unfair. Overall, 6/10, by far my least favorite remedy game. Quite the shame, I share an opinion with Limo.




SW-2712-2446-2517 friend code me up on switch you sexy sluts. Also #SiegeSunday


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