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Hey Dad- I mean uhhh, PatBateman17, are you proud of me?


10 hours into FF12, thoughts? This game's pretty damn boring.


Thanks I love it.


Wow I've never wanted to join IGN until right now.


Well that's DMC 5 beaten. I have a few minor complaints with the story and environments, but overall wow, what a crazy trip. Insanely solid action adventure game. Bang bang baby, bang bang.


Have an awesome weekend everyone! Remember to love your mothers if you're able to! Also, if you haven't had a chance to play DMC 5 yet, do yourself a favor and BUY IT RIGHT NOW IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD ARRRGGGHHH PULL MY DEVIL TRIGGER BANG BANG FUCKING BANG




Played about an hour of DMC 5 last night. Snapped a selfie right after the opening cutscene. Here ya go.


So both the RE2 remake and DMC 5 are on sale for the same price... Help me pick one oh gods.


You guys ever scroll comments and see someone commenting on things as you scroll? It's kinda neat. Just had that on the sonic article with PatBateman, watched him comment on things as we cruised the comment section of life. #IncredibleThoughts.


Oh boy here I go weebing again.


So Santa Clarita Diet got cancelled this morning. Showing once again Netflix loves to cancel shows midway through plot progression and when they're actually doing well. Getting real tired of this no-actual-ending-Netflix-shit.


Everyone on here talking about Endgame and how hype it's gonna be and how amazing it is. Then there's me sitting here like:


Just a little #WaveWednesday to get you going in the morning. BUMP! TONIGHT! DANCING ON THE EDGE OF THE FIREEEE!!!


Yeah this is going to be me this weekend.


Current status:


Accurate representation of how Frosty is playing the Division 2 tonight:


Went and saw "Us" last night. It was... Fine. Made me laugh more than I was expecting. Not subtle at ALL though. The twist was less subtle than a freight train. Kind of over pretentious. But the acting and humor were spot on!


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