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Welp. They cancelled the Punisher. Current status.


Me and my first matey FrostyFlakes are going to be sailing the high seas on this #SeaOfThievesSaturday. Feel free to come plunder with us. Www.twich.tv/JurassicSaint


Do you spell it Whoa or Woah?


I was going to write this to the tips guys and maybe see if they would make an article out of it. Buttfuck it, I'll just post it myself. WOO FUCK YEAH SIEGE OPERATOR REVEAL TRAILER DOUBLE FUCK YEAH SIEGE TALK #SIEGETHURSDAY.


Happy singles awareness day everyone. I'm free to touch dicks if anyone else is.


Yo Nintendo direct is great and all but isn't your government shutting down again in 2 days?


I promised to do #2BTuesday with one of the purest souls on here yesterday, NeoTurbo. I failed. Now, in order to balance the scales I must, in good conscience. Do a #WarframeWednesday.


Girls only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting #TallToid.


Better half is in Mexico for the week. And here I am, in Canada. Freezing my tail off. How's everyone else doing? That polar vortex fucked off yet?


Hey has anyone heard from Chlmera lately? I miss that beautiful Chrono Trigger teddy.


Ok so one episode away from finishing Punisher Season 2 and ohmygod it's so amazing. They use a Marilyn Manson song in a scene and just... Chills, legit chills. Also I now have the opening music on my phone cause it's just so damn badass.


Holy fuck icicles boys they have this flavor in Canada now.


And today on weirdest shit I've ever seen in my life but oh my god I can't get this out of my head. Rick and Morty, Rick and Morty, Sippin' 40's. #Weirdtoid.


I've noticed a distinct lack of Siege-related talk as of recently. Is my flock lost? Do I need to reiterate the glowing love of our one true savior Lord Tachanka? I'm not mad, I just think a few of you need a slight push in the right direction.


Hey weebs. Inbetween all your heartless slaying and licker abolishing take a second to check this track. The beat is just pure liquid cocaine right in the ear holes.


Yo anyone seen that Patrick Hancock guy around recently? I've been waiting for my episode 5 of the Council review. He was almost done! What gives Patrick?! (DOUBLE BUMP) I'M NOT GOING AWAY PATRICK! YOU WILL ANSWER FOR YOUR CRIMES!


The Night Comes For Us is fucking redicilous and I love every second of it.


Who's someone you miss seeing around D-Toid? Me personally it's a toss up between Kristmas Kaiser (yeah I see you upvoting every once in a while, come back!) And Guerrilla. That duck was my first experience into the weirdness that is D-Toid.


Got a new phone, got a new hairdo. Life's been pretty alright recently. Downloaded this "to the moon" game on the new phone. Played about an hour last night. I can feel the feels coming but oh my god I'm not sure if I'm ready or not.


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