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I ended up getting P5 Royal on the PSN sale, currently alternating with Trails in the Sky FC. Both are JRPG behemoths with substantial playtimes, and I may drop off either but I find that I turn to JRPGs whenever I'm stressed. And I'm really stressed now.


PSN is running a massive summer sale. Thinking of getting P5 Royal on the cheap as I liked everything about P5 other than the simplistic writing. Mayve it'll fare better if I approach it as breezy anime fare? Also DQXI is tempting me, never played a DQ.


Seeing Legend of Mana and SaGa Frontier on modern consoles is making me hungry for other PSX gems. Where is Vagrant Story? And why are Valkyrie Profile and FFT: War of the Lions stuck on smartphones? Are we just gonna pretend we're okay with this?


By now I'm just hate-playing Doom Eternal's DLC. The 2nd part is some bizzaro-world shit where the worst parts of the design are supposed to be the good parts, like enemies so specific they can only be killed by a specific mod as detailed in a tutorial.


I was really into Doom Eternal but so far the DLC isn't doing it for me; If you really liked the final level it's more of that. But without significant new additions like weapons, upgrades, enemies, etc., doubling down on combat arenas is just exhausting.


Trails in the Sky Log #1 - 5 minutes in and I just had a little girl lecture me that it's okay to have an affair with a sibling if they're adopted. I think I'll keep playing this game.


I've been seeing a lot of folks talk about the Trails series(es?) here, and I've been looking to sink my teeth into a new JRPG, but I don't know if it can keep my interest up for 10(?) games. So where should I start? And how long do these usually run?


I totally forgot Doom Eternal was up its own ass in lore. I don't get the appeal, though. Nothing in the plot motivates you over "Rip N' Tear!", so why was it so heavily emphasized? Also it's very obvious D2016 didn't really account for most of the lore


Seeing movies on an IMAX screen after 18 months is great. Sharing that space with assholes who can't stop fucking around for 2.5 hours isn't. "Some people suck". Definitely done with theater for a while.


I really didn't see the need for framerates above 60 until playing Doom Eternal at 120. And with a year of QoL patches (e.g., weapon swap menu latency) the game feels completely fresh to me, faster and more brutal than ever.


Watching the whether forecast, and they show how the current heat wave should somewhat subside from ALL OF THE DEGREES to ALL OF THE DEGREES MINUS TWO. The current heat wave, of course, being the seemingly slow, but certain, fiery death of Earth-life.


Has anyone tried the demo for NEO: The World Ends With You? It is straight up a PS2 game. I like PS2 games.


The Yuffie DLC for FF7R has a soundtrack so good it's worth the price of admission on its own. Banger after banger. * Vid contains minor gameplay spoilers


It's Mid-Year, and I'm interested in hearing (reading?) which gaming experiences suprised you so far in 2021, for better or worse?


Finished Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, overall I really liked it and definitely recommend it. Detailed thoughts in the comments, tried to keep spoilers to the barest of minimums but gameplay (gadgets, new features...) is discussed at length. EDIT: Fixed.


I have no idea why, but I just watched a stream of Final Fantasy Origin and I saw the guy equipping a pair of 'Twilight Trousers' and just burst out laughing. Also the demo is working. Also also something something chaos.


"We're excited to give you a first look at our new game that still isn't Rayman. Here are 9 minutes of us overselling a derivative product that will be released much too early and squander whatever potential it had." Did I miss anything from Ubi?


I've played Mass Effect 1 and 2 multiple times, and ME3 once. I've never played any of the DLC but it makes a huge difference as the series continues, especially in ME3. Had no idea all this time that I basically played the shit version of that game.


Until it is released, Far Cry 6 is both a political statement, and a non-political non-statement. Ubisoft is playing at Schrödinger's politics, beckoning the dawn of the age of the lizard people.


Hot Take Alert: I love the PS2 Ratchet games and have beaten the PS4 reboot 4 times. Having recently played the Future games, the series' PS3 output was mostly boring to me and it really soured my excitement for Rift Apart.


Mass Effect 2: if I get squamates' loyalty mission requests before exhausting their dialogue, can I still get the same dialogue sequences afterwards, or am I locked out of any pre-loyalty exchanges? I forgot that side missions progress these...


What's nice about academia is that you spend years reading and learning the works of your field's greats, and then when you publish your first work you may get to see them react and help promote it. Imposter syndrome is real, but this does make me smile.


It's still weird to me that Castlevania has the best tv/film adaptation. Sure, there's very little competition, but it's miles ahead of other attempts.


Caved in and got Garrus: Legendary Edition. Garrus 1 is kinda clunky after all these years, but looks surprisingly good remastered. I know Garrus 2 is where it's at, but I also like Garrus 3. Anyways, I need to get back to my calibrations.


So, who's playing the Mass Effect remasters, and what are your thoughts about the combat in all 3 games? Is it still fun or just outdated?


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