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I'm 0 for 5 on teaching positions for next year. It sucks because I enjoy teaching and I like getting payed for it. But it's also a good time to learn that it's part of the business and not always about me. Have a great day everyone. XBC2 meme unrelated.


Happy celebration day to all the cats and their pets.


16 hours into XBC2 and I am enjoying it a lot, but it's good that I was aware of its issues. Some are overblown (it's not THAT horny), but others are fairly accurate (those tutorials..). But how can anyone not like the dub? It's great innit guv'ner?


Finished XBC2 Chapter 2. Current "ULTRA powerful?!" status:


Glad to see everyone's enjoying XBC3! Finally got my copy of 2, and I played through the first chapter (liked it!). Will I manage to describe each chapter using an unrelated meme from another JRPG? Unclear, but I'll give it a shot. Chapter 1 status:


Been having a lot of trouble sleeping, so I'll find myself trying to get calm via YT stupidity. It took 1.5 "critique" videos on Thor L&R to get to "THEY PUT WOMEN IN IT!!! AND THE MEN ARE GOOFY!!! ALSO THE ROCKS ARE NOW GAY??? 0/10". Pic unrelated?


Thank God It's Chronolynx! Happy birthday buddy, I hope you're enjoying a wonderful celebration.


Well shit, the Andor trailer feels like D+ will finally be getting something that looks like it came from the world's biggest studio owning one of cinema's biggest IPs.


So Amazon have 90% lost my Xenoblade 2 order, and until that gets sorted I've been playing Xenosaga I. Help, I've fallen in a Xeno-shaped hole and only Perfect Works derivatives can get me out of it.


I keep going hot and cold on these Sandman trailers. The casting looks great (David Thewlis as John Dee? Awesome), but the presentation feels off, IMO - the trailers seem like they're going for an epic scale, which I never got from the comics.


Woke up to a huge pipeburst in the bathroom sink. Bathroom + bedroom got flooded, and the bedroom floor is decked. Other than ripping the deck out or turning the AC up to blazing sun temp, I've no idea how to dry that whole mess under the deck.


XBC: Future Connected done. Wonderful way to cap off a fine JRPG; short on story but big on characters and dialogue. Excited to see where the story goes and how it, uh, connects. That dragon boss can get fucked, though.


Calling Dr. Gajknight.



Went to my girlfriend's parents for dinner with the extended family. Now stuck in a shit storm of a politics discussion with folks I barely know for 3 hours. Send help.


Happy birthday to Ninja and Frosty! Hope you're having a grand time of it.


I had no idea this was a thing - Hitman 3 is getting a new, content-complete that'll be free for all H3 owners. Can all companies please go indie and enjoy IO levels of success?


I saw Thor: Love & Thunder, thought I'd share my impressions in the comments as to not impact the expectations of those interested in seeing it.


God of War Ragnarok now has a date - November 9th. Sony's 4 month PR cycle marches on.


Xenoblade Chronicles, err, chronicle: pretty sure I got the final party member after a set of grueling fights. I think it's time to sidequest for a bit, and to finally go online and lookup how to manage party member arts & AI. More thoughts below.


So... I played 20 hours of Xenoblade Chronicles since starting it last weekend. It's goofier than what it's namesake would suggest, and the UX is a bit all over the place, but...


Me: starts playing Xenoblade Chronicles. YouTube: "alright so here are some spoilers to get you going"


Enjoying my time with Drag'en Ques’ EE-levin’: ‘Ello-os of ean Eelusive Guvna’, it really does feel like a lost SNES classic, and it got me wondering- are there any recent JRPGs that feel like weird, experimental, heady PSX gems?


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