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I smashed my thumb with a hammer yesterday. It hurt so much afterwards that I couldn't get any gaming in. Still hurts as hell today. These are the hazards of home ownership.


I was inexplicably overjoyed to find a bowl of hard butterscotch candies at the reception area in my office. I have officially become an old man.


I wonder how many false sticks were grabbed?


Just in case anyone was wondering what it’s like raising two girls.


INFORMAL POLL TIME: Name a movie you loved from your childhood that did not age well, but still love today nonetheless.


For Valentine’s Day, my daughter gave me a pedicure. I chose the color.


Will Smith as Genie reminds me of the time I dropped bad acid in college and had a terrifying 8 hour trip... but worse.


My wife and daughters are going to be home tomorrow because of the impending weather. I think I’ll go to the office.


Finished RE2 last night as Leon. So, is it worth playing through again as Claire?


A person with a handicap tag parked in a non handicap space. Can I leave them a nasty note?


Why do people who do Cross Fit find necessary to talk incessantly about cross fit?


After suffering through a week of a polar vortex, we hit 50 degrees today. Now I have to hear people complain that it’s too warm.


My nephew has gotten real into Fortnite and keeps bugging me to play.


This is literally what happened to my ding dong when I stepped outside into the polar vortex to go to work this morning.


Trouble going to sleep last night because I played RE2 before bed. Going to do the same tonight, because I never learn.


My wife’s aunt gave my daughter this vintage doll. Tonight it will probably murder me in my sleep.


My French colleagues teach me the most wonderful curse words. English vulgarities pale in comparison.


So much for the ‘blizzard.’ I have a fridge full of booze for the occasion, but now the wife expects me to be productive today.


Has anyone ever sneezed so hard that it made your dick hurt?


This appeared on my Facebook feed today. Now, more then ever, I wish they would make a sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Over the Top’


And I thought stuff like this only happened in Australia.


Getting ready to go visit my mother in law for the weekend.


Here’s me explaining how web development works to a marketing executive.


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