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When you show up to work in your fanciest garb for an important client meeting only to find out its cancelled.


The drugs haven’t helped. It’s time for Hot Toddy’s. Bourbon will kill this cold.


So when it comes to the Labo, I may be late to the party on this, and I may be just showing my age, but back in my day, playing with someone’s box meant something totally different.


At the doc in the box hoping I just have a bad cold and not the flu.


My wife put fresh King’s Hawaiian soft bund into the fridge. They are now hard and dry. This is legal grounds for a divorce, right?


Everything about this headline is awesome.


I love creeping out the dog by talking to her through my Nest Cam while I’m at the office. Is that animal cruelty?


I’m working from home today because of the snow storm. My wife and daughters are also home because schools are closed. Conference calls are going to be a challenge.


I was the only dad at my daughter’s Girl Scout meeting tonight. Scored some major points with the moms tonight.


The heat is malfunctioning at the office today. It is especially cold in the bathroom. I want to thank the maintenance staff for teaching me what it was like pooping outside on the Yukon trail in the dead of winter. I feel like a pioneer.


After a looong work week, the wife assigned a “small” home improvement project that has taken up my entire weekend. She did promise to touch my ding dong though, if I do a good job, so I’m highly motivated.


My reaction when a friend calls me up from out of the blue to go out for drinks after what feels like the longest fucking week of work ever.


After nearly 2 weeks of ‘arctic’ cold, it hit 50 degrees today. Felt so nice I wanted to rip off my clothes and run outside naked.


Twitter just outed Waluigi as a racist. I KNEW IT!


It’s barely perceptible, but the days are slowly becoming longer, and that makes me happy.


Someone at work today said that my beard was epic. Take it as a compliment?


Weekend flew by taking down all the Christmas decorations. House seems so empty and sad now.


I just couldn’t help myself.


Who’s looking forward to the big bombogenesis?


Back to work tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to opening up my email after being on holiday for a week.


Holidays are officially over. Daughter is throwing a fit about going back to school tomorrow. Told her if she didn’t stop I was going to show up and dance the Charleston in front of her classmates. Gave her a sneak peek. I don’t fuck around.


Who are all these people at the gym today?


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.


Watching a Zamboni resurface ice is mesmerizing.


I think I’ve been eating and drinking non stop for two weeks.


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