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So much for the ‘blizzard.’ I have a fridge full of booze for the occasion, but now the wife expects me to be productive today.


Has anyone ever sneezed so hard that it made your dick hurt?


This appeared on my Facebook feed today. Now, more then ever, I wish they would make a sequel to Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Over the Top’


And I thought stuff like this only happened in Australia.


Getting ready to go visit my mother in law for the weekend.


Here’s me explaining how web development works to a marketing executive.


It’s been one of those days at work. Too bad my office is on the first floor.


I just checked my company’s holiday calendar and the next paid holiday is not until May 27.


After 2 years of putting it off, I finally cleaned out the attic. I found this surprisingly heavy beast up there. Now if only I can find some ribbons, I can save my progress.


The amount of Christmas joy you brought me this year cannot be measured. You made a day at my mother in law’s bearable. Thank you Tito.


FRAA-GEE—LAY. Must be Italian.


I died and gone to heaven.


My boss knows me so well. She got me a six pack of beer for Christmas. Perfect timing, because tomorrow, starting at 4:00 PM, I plan to start drinking heavily for 12 days straight.


I found a live bat in my house. I took care of it.


In this day an age, everyone knows not to microwave fish at the office right? RIGHT!?!


This is why I say I’m going to quit Fantasy Football every year. If I lose this week because of this overachieving bastard bastard I’m going to blow a blood vessel.


The wife will be walking funny tomorrow.


Finally, ‘Tis the season.


So, are these this year's Christmas decorations at the White House, or for the Overlook Hotel from the Shining?


One of my father-in-law’s Florida friends talked to me about golf for 2 and a half hours. I don’t play golf and don’t care for it. One of the most painful experiences of my life.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Just pretending to be really busy with an emergency at work so that I don't have to spend quality time with my in-laws.


So, can you tell that I’m flying to Boca Raton, Florida or what?


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