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Genshin Impact promo codes below (note they expire in 24 hours so use them fast; you can do it through their website so you don't need to load the game if you are at work or something.)


The Genshin Impact 1.6 promo vid leaked. To be honest, I'm kind of underwhelmed. The "Summer Islands" look just like recycled Liyue content, and the rest is the usual stupid minigames. This is looking closer to filler than new content. Edit: Link below


Supposedly leaked Eula banner. My 2 cents: Xingqiu is mandatory if you have a pyro DPS; Beidou has one of the strongest support bursts against 2 or more enemies; Xinyang kind of sucks until C2. For Eula we will have to wait and see.


I scored 4750 on the final Genshin Impact Twisted Realm and was able to clean out the shop. I have no idea how to score high without Venti. I needed him just to clear out the spawning enemies fast enough to have a positive DPS rate.


The second vaccine shot is fucking me up good. Still, if this is an indication of how bad it would be to be infected for real, it's a good thing we have the vaccine. I just hope we don't have to do this every year.


Woot, achieved the special event banner. The third domain was pretty tricky and actually got my pulse up. I will post some tips in the comments.


RIP my dream of pulling Zhongli. I've lost every 50/50 so far (Keqing on Ganyu, QiQi on Venti, and now Mona on Zhongli). I already have c6 Noelle and C5 Diona (which the event will make C6) so I can't risk doing any more pulls on this banner.


I just changed my lock screen in anticipation of Nier. (It's animated, but I'm too lazy to convert it to a gif small enough to let me post it.)


3 Genshin Impact Promocodes (I posted the first one before, but the other two were new to me.) GS6ACJ775KNV SBNBUK67M37Z TT7BVJNPL249


Genshin Impact Promo code: GS6ACJ775KNV (60 primogems)


Mea Culpa. My last Genshin Impact post was proven to be fake. Banners for Venti, Diluc, and Jean have been data-mined, so we may have another 3-banner situation. But everything else in the post was fake.


Supposedly leaked info about Genshin Impact 1.4


Genshin Impact PSA: The exclusive weapons on the weapon banner have a lower chance than normal weapons. At pity the 5-star weapon has ~1/4 chance and the 4-star weapons have a ~1/3 chance. So don't pull unless you definitely want a Wolf's Gravestone.


The Genshin Impact 1 Billion Primogem giveaway has started. Link in comments.


It's leaking that a Venti banner will return for patch 1.4 (which will also include Razor). Venti is the best support in the game, so it's strongly advised to save for him if you can. Hu Tao is also looking insane though so it might be a tough call.


So apparently Chinese sites are confirming that the Xiao banner in Genshin Impact will only be 14 days long. Beware if you are saving for him that you will have less time than usual to pull for him.


In case anyone missed it, there are 3 promo codes from the Genshin Impact 1.3 livestream. I'm posting them inside for clarity. Note, they are only good for the day so claim them fast.


Well, it appears Ganyu is not just a cryo Amber after all. She's Amber with a rocket launcher. Her AOE is crazy on her charged shot; you don't even really need to aim. She's definitely a viable DPS and should be perfect for Inazuma region (electro).


Genshin Impact 1.2 has mostly been great. But the last stage of the current event is a disappointment. There's all sorts of weird bugs such as the boss weak spot not appearing, and I hear co-op is a mess. But I still gotta grind for those sweet mats.


Does the combat in Tales of Beseria get better? The whole thing seems to be based around RNG and it's not very interesting. I need some encouragement and/or advice. (More in comments)


It's a Christmas miracle! Genshin Impact 1.2 remembers your controller settings!


Just a reminder, the Epic Games Store has started doing their "one free game a day" giveaway. Today is Cities Skylines.


Not sure how I feel about Ganyu. On one hand, she's basically just a souped-up Amber (similar decoy skill and elemental rain burst), and they just gave us a bow Cryo user (Diona), so its lazy design all around. On the other hand ... (NSFW in comments)


There were 3 promo codes for Genshin Impact during the 1.2 livestream: 5KVeIbSxDUU G3TQQ6TOQME eATDgIXLD56 (Go to the official GI website and click on "Redeem Code.") Also, GENSHINGIFT is active again so you if haven't used it before you can now.


I hit soft-pity in Genshin Impact and got my first 5-star. Surprise, it's a baby Diluc! I was hoping for Keching, but I guess you have to love your kids unconditionally. Now begins the farming to raise him to an adult. They grow up (not) so fast.


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