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So I'm the best man at my (one) friends wedding in two weeks. It's going to be a super small event, and man writing a best man's speech is tricky. Anyone got any good tips? I've already got the G Fuel shill figured out, no worries there.


One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 might be my favorite Warriors game yet. Even with limited knowledge of the anime. It's tighttt, big reccommendo.


After 5 hours with Man-eater I've decided to uninstall it. The controls just absolutely kill me, I can't do it. Can't even get the second infamy guy to spawn because the hunters have instant headshot guns, even with dodging. Unfortunate.


To everyone who's holding AMC, congratulations and fuck you. Also, I'm no financial advisor, but I'd say sell.


Man, Final Fantasy 13 can be beautiful at times, even now. Especially on backwards compatibility.


Worth a watch 💪🤙


Finished Village. That sure was a Resident Evil game. Also, Man-eater is everything I wanted and more 👌


Buy the dip peeps. Tendies are oh so tasty right now.


God damnit G Fuel. Fine, you got me. 60 scoop tub and a 24Oz shaker. Of course, it's melon flavored.


Can't believe it took me this long to find this video. This brought out emotions of major nostalgia. Besides final fantasy tactics advance, this was the game. Just.... So good


Welp, they finally announced Moxxi for the borderlands movie. Gena Gershon.


I'm so fucking lazy. I never change my lock screen.


It would be rude not to flex on #420Toid, right? Snapped this pic, listened to "gangster rap made me do it" as I head into my normal office job. Have a great giggly gelatinous goo day peeps.


Letterkenny has so much slow mo it puts Zack Synder to shame.


Is EGLX the new GameStop? 🤔🤔🤔 HOLY MOLY


Me, an Xbox guy, playing Persona 5 Strikers:


We posting our favorite X tracks eh? Check this one. Used to go so hard in the paint to it #DMXToid


24 hour impressions of the new Xbox. AC Valhalla is like a totally new game. The smoothness is actually making me I'd reckon about 30% faster in everything easily. Downloads are super fast, can't wait for RE 8 on this beast. Also Bill Gates now owns me.


Oh come on what's in the FUCKING BOXXXXX


Someone's impersonating me I hear eh? What's that all aboot.


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