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I'm going to try and stream tonight but it depends what time I get back from Church tonight since its Holy Friday.


So apparently Adult Swim is doing season 2 and 3 for FLCL. Which could either be good... Or really really bad. My money's on Bad sadly.


mlpbox.com is live! It's a pony box every month for the bronies on here. Surprisingly cheap! $99 for a year. Kinda surprised at the price, gonna see if it's actually worth it or not. No way to know currently!


I've volunteered to write reviews for another game site. I'm still going to be here of course but kinda just wanted to post about it. It's for a specific crowd (oddly not bronies) so that should be good for me. But I still wanna be a part of Dtoid. TBC


Are they just skipping Mega Man 11 than? Aside from that I'd very much like Nintendo to buy Mega Man, but I doubt it'll happen.


I think my phone's confused. I'm listening to music at work and it keeps switching around between songs and talking (station I'm listening to is hosting a Spring fundraiser) WORK PHONE WORK!


I swear Orochi has it out for me. Just as I'm about to win nearly every time even with more than half health she dies. Now some would probably think why don't you remove her than? Cause I like spellcasters


Also my Mother 2 record came in today! I really want that Transistor one too... Probably next paycheck. I should probably buy a record player to actually listen to these at some point huh?


So I may have bought myself cookies for days. A problem arises though. I gave up sweets for Lent (among numerous other things) so I have to wait a week to eat them.


Hasbro's announced a pen and paper MLP game! Made by riverhorse whom I've never heard of. So don't know on the quality of them. http://riverhorse.eu/


I was just forced to watch The Minions movie. There's an hour and a half of my life I wish I'd used better.


Gonna be trying Pokken in bout half an hour and streaming it. https://www.twitch.tv/lokik21 Just in case someone was interested or wanted to play until my friend comes downstairs.


So I've lost 25 pounds since the beginning of the year and decided to celebrate with a pizza. And than ate most of it. And now I regret it. But I'm gonna go for a three Mile walk tonight as I do most nights these days so that should help.


Also being able to figure stuff out (even with a little help) while repairing something feels pretty good. Job may not be glamorous but fixing printers isn't so bad.


So I've been wanting to play Guild Wars 1 lately as I vastly prefer it over 2, but I'm also not sure if I want to go down that rabbit hole again. As is I've got about 6k hours in the first one and this was during school before I started dating my now wife


So... Did Miitomo get released already or... What? Cause I don't see it on the Android store. It's iOS only at the moment isnt it? Is it gonna be Fallout Shelter waiting months upon months for Android?


I thought Archer Season 6 came to Netflix today but it's not until the 29th... I just wanted to go to the:


Gonna be streaming Pokken tonight and it'll probably look something like this! Cause unless it's Smash, I'm really quite bad at fighting games.


Well shoot. Terraria just got delayed until June 28th for Wii U. Oh well, guess I can wait a little bit longer.


8 more days until the Season 6 Premiere of MLP:FiM! (I'm a little excited.)


You know Clue was a pretty fantastic movie for a board game adaptation.


Going to be trying Kingdom Hearts again and I'm all like pic related. I'm not trying to shit all over KH as I know a lot of peeps here like it and say it gets better later in so that's why I keep trying it.


It's Dtoids 10th Birthday and I've got just the thing! PARTY CANNON. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DTOID.


Rick and Morty Season 2 pre order just went live! http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01CV3I2BM/ref=mp%20?qid=1458070996&sr=8-6&pi=SL75%20&keywords=Rick+and+morty WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB


Speaking of things we don't need SuperGiantGames announced Transistor soundtrack on Viynl yesterday and I really want it but need to save my money.


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