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"And if you ever want to know what it's like to be alone just ask me" Tiny Moving Parts - a super underrated band, energetic songs with sad lyrics (if you're into that sorta thing). I love sad bastard music.


Here's a social game you can play with your friends it's called the cell phone game. Take everyone's cell phone and put them in a pile. The first person to check their cell phone loses and has to buy everyone drinks. Watch them squirm in discomfort.


I was listening to an episode of FrameTrap & Kyle Bosman was saying how his mom is really into The Witness. Now I really want to play it! But I don't think it's gonna be on sale on PSN since it just was in Dec. (I think).


I've never beaten any Hideo Kojima game. I don't like having to be stealthy it's not my style. I really liked the beginning of Phantom Pain but I'm too much of a scrub to ever beat it. I don't feel like I'm really missing out either.


I bought Genma Onimusha for Xbox & it can start up but it freezes during the 1st cinematic. I don't think my Xbox is the problem since every other game I've tried works. Disc looks good but has 1 minor scratch. Any cheap solutions for disc repair?


I wasn't buying the Switch before but now it looks like it might be the only way to play Zelda BoW :( Also 2 Lauch Titles? I hope to hear about a robust Virtual Console soon EDIT: WiiU Breath of the Wild confirmed


I counted about 19 Black & Silver box Nintendo games (+Tetris & Yoshi) that were excluded from the NES mini. This list does not include the R.O.B. & Zapper games. Some aren't that great (Soccer, Pinball) but others are ok(Rad Racer, Kung fu, Ice Hockey)


I bought a used copy of Twilight Princess for Wii last March instead of the WiiU one. After playing for 27 hours I encountered a game-breaking glitch. The fish won't bite, meaning they nibble but "FISH ON" never appears so I can't catch the reekfish!!!


Maybe it's just the Best Buy near me, but I always feel super uncomfortable being in there. The employees are very unprofessional and not helpful at all. I'm still gonna wait in line next Tuesday morning though for the NES classic.


PSN is having another Flash Sale the theme is Animation. Highlights include South Park the Stick of Truth & Ni no Kuni for $8 on PS3. I don't have the storage space on my PS3 but I'm getting Shantae & the Pirate's Curse for $8 on PS4.


Quick Question: So I saved & updated a blog but I chose to keep in hidden and I closed the tab. Is there a way to reopen the blog I was working on? Thanks


I was going to write a blog but got too intimidated. So the NES mini comes preloaded with 30 games but what games is it missing that are essential? I would have liked to see the 1st Contra, Rad Racer, and Batman. M.C. Kids & Mafat Conspiracy are good 2


So I hear Nintendo isn't going to talk about the NX at E3 or in their Nintendo Direct next month. Haven't they learned anything from the Wii U? But I guess it's ok, the only people buying it are people who already know it exists now.


VR is Lame! It's not original, it's been done before (poorly), it's overpriced and it will die at the same rate that the Wii motion plus or Kinect did. 3 or 4 years from now the fad will be over & no one will care. I had to vent thanks.


Happy 10 year anniversary Destructoid!!! 2006 the birth of the internet


Does anyone actually pay for music anymore? I'm all about supporting starving artists but I get the impression that Spotify doesn't give a dime to the relatively unknown musicians that I like. Also I do pay for music. bandcamp,itunes & CDs


What's the difference between a blog & a post? It might be the last time of year I can recite the opening words from this song with it making sense (or at least until December).


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