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What a great way to start the day. Pre ordered that Game & Watch handheld at Bestbuy


These are some great videos that prove British people can be gut busting funny.


Current mood : hungry.


Good morning party people, thank you for the wackiness I read during my work week to keep me sane. Still need a PS5, there's no way for me to obtain one working +40 hours. Thinking 2022..


Wife made yummy veggie beef tips with rice. Mixed cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, habeneros, and some verde salsa. Please don't mind the fine cutlery.


Fortnite is the Pop Funko of video games.


Hot take : I'm ok with change, that's how we ended up with qblogs and got to know each other so well. En garde!


I'm so sad I slept on this for so long. Gravity Rush (from 2012) is finally on sale, in the first hour I've just been flying and using telekinesis. This is a great game, can't wait to finish it and play Gravity Rush 2.


Reading Invincible this morning and found the Venture easter egg, that would be pretty cool if this happened in the show. I cropped out the rest for spoiler reasons. Back to work I go, mostly lurking because there's no time to shit post. NO TIME :(


I want Bio Mutant and RE8, but I refuse to buy new AAA titles until I can find a PS5. For now it's catching up on games, Gravity Rush 1 & 2, Disco Elysium, and Stranded Deep. I'll pick up the new Turtles game when it drops, and ME when it drops to $20.


Army of the Dead is hot garbage. Not even massive alcohol consumption can save this movie, if someone wants to watch this save yourself instead.


Robinhood needs to go to horny jail.


Son of a bitch I'm in.


This is my life now. Might as well be sideways too why not. I just wanna go home and get stepped on by the big lady..


I uploaded a thing other people made.


Buzzzzzzzzzed with my best Forest Whitaker impression. That's Goomba in the back, my rescue who is now 10 years young.


This is so smurfed.


My favorite upvotes are the ones that you know the person disagrees with you, but still sees your side as a valid opinion. Good vibes ya'll.


Elon Musk on SNL tomorrow. If you don't have any Doge yet, it may jump. *This is not stock adivce.


This is where season 1 of Invincible ended, with two more already green lit. I already own these but if anyone wants to read them for free, they were just put up on Get Comics, link inside. (Not my picture)