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If there ever is a Mandalorian video game..


Oh boy! Now I get to create my wife's Wasteland biography, this game is great! Edit : Finished my squad, what a fun story. #indietoid


First day at the job done. Not so bad. Now to reward myself with GOAT Simulator DLC and Wasteland 2 : Director's Cut. #indietoid


Got a new job, been having to wake up at 7am and travel an hour for orientation. What a godless hour to wake up, but my shift is gonna start at 11am. Now back to my slow sleepy boring training videos. #firstworldproblems


The new software update on the phone that puts your page groups on the bottom is really bad. My screen is smaller, I have to scroll through a side bar to find stuff, and the buttons are so small. They are guaranteed to be next to an ad. #firstworldproblem


I thought the internet was filled with bots, turns out you are all real and beautiful people. Edit : and to PhilKenSebben and CJ who somehow have the perfect gif for everyone. #blessed


Wife and I went to the Dali Museum in Tampa FL. Already been many times but they had the "Van Gohg Experience". No actual art they just had a bunch of 3D projectors showcasing a few paintings (none of the good ones) so we made our own art. Pics inside!


Hahaha Fled Cruz. Runner up is in the comments feel free to contribute. If you're in Texas, tell us your woes and stay safe.


Went to the Doc and I have carpal tunnel, hurts real bad. Trying to take a break from video games, but I can still play Stellaris with one hand! Pic related.


Happy Vday Dtoid


Target aquired. 10/10 reversible cover. 1/10 sideways picture.


Stellaris on PS4 has taken my soul, and I keep staying up till 4 am. Pic not related but it happens in the game sometimes.


That new WandaVision though.


Hell just froze over. A lot of people are pissed.


Death Metal 7 is out.


It's absolute CHAOS in D.C.


Fuck you Mitch McConnell. That is all.


I bought Cyberpunk from Best Buy, have no intentions of returning it, but I'm hearing Best Buy won't accept returns. If you pre ordered and they gave you an extra steel book for the case, you can sell it on ebay for $30 edit : refunds available! Profit!


Batman is an asshole.


The Dtoid gods have been fortuitous and gave me an upright picture. Just got a new tv and stand, only thing that needs replacing now is the PS4 for the PS5. Damn scalpers.


Vigor just released on PS4. Played like ass on the Switch, but it's free so I'll give it a go.