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At some point in time Charleton Heston has made all of our grandma's moist and could even be the reason we're all alive today. Thanks Heston!


It's another sunny Florida day, video related and probably NSFW


France going HARD yesterday. London too, I haven't seen this in America news, stay safe you crazies.


Can't wait till I get home and play DK64 after riding my dirt bike and Spider-man mask (?) all day. I wonder when Destructoid's AI algorithm is going to show me my actual heart's desire. (I'm just gonna scream PS5 into my phone everyday)


Pre ordered the 512 GB Steam Deck. I really want a PS5 but Steam somehow made it easy as pie to get it, and Sony/MS made it impossible as bananas to get their console. If I come across a PS5 in the wild I will cancel my pre order. (Mmmmm.. Banana pie.)


Goong to try a second job for a few months over the weekend so I can afford those games, I didn't even realize a new(ish) Zelda just released. Bad Snail. Pic related.


A thing I found to share with the class.


Zelda still knows how to turn on the charm for nuggies after 12 years.


Batman The Long Halloween Part 1 was fantastic. Troy Baker doing his best Mark Hamill impression, I thought he was Joker the whole time until I watched the credits. Part 2 is going to be insane, hope it sticks to the script.


We're closed, gone dark, go home Ersa, or Elsa, I already forgot. Hand me my beer. Florida. (Stay safe)


Quickly while the Americans are asleep, roll out that Nintendo news!


Got a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. I liberated my tooth and gave it the same freedom we all deserve, then threw it in the trash. Happy Merica Day!


Many Dead Space things are happening.. I would love a remaster but who knows?


He knows how to make the best out of any situation. I love my Goombie.


Who's a good comrade?


Ya'll talkin some Dread up in here?


What a great way to start the day. Pre ordered that Game & Watch handheld at Bestbuy


These are some great videos that prove British people can be gut busting funny.


Current mood : hungry.


Good morning party people, thank you for the wackiness I read during my work week to keep me sane. Still need a PS5, there's no way for me to obtain one working +40 hours. Thinking 2022..


Wife made yummy veggie beef tips with rice. Mixed cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, habeneros, and some verde salsa. Please don't mind the fine cutlery.


Fortnite is the Pop Funko of video games.