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Played a bit of Hitmam 2016 a little while ago.Found it nice enough may not be a popular opinon but I felt like it felt like there was barely any freedoom in it.Curious about how everybody feels about Hitman 2016 and the level of freedoom in it.


Look at this T R A I T O R!He is no true destructoid user!!!


Whar have you found to be your funniest unintentionally funny moments in a game?Stuff such as a serious moment with ridiculously bad voice acting or serious moment with bad choice of music and so on.


Our pet dog just passed away there this morning.Its sad to see him gone I'm happy that he lieved a long and happy life.I believe he was 14 in human years before he passed and he passed quietly and not in too much pain Thank God.


What do you feel has been the most innoative game mechanics introduced from games in this current generation?Can be any aspect gameplay music voice so on.Personaly beinf very dissapointed this generation in that regard.


What is your least favourite moment/part/aspect of your favourite games?And no saying when it ended does not count!(but yes it does).Can't really think of any myself maybe the stealth level in Hotline Miami I got throught it quickly though.


Anybody have any clue what the performance is like for Rayman Legends on switch now?Saw it down to 10 euro in the eshop all thats holding me back is I remember hearing it performed pretty bad om the switch at launch.


Meant to ask somebody about this with Cowboy Beepbop for a while.I'll put my question in the comments obvisouly just treat it as spoilers for the whole show.


Whats some good beginner animes perferbaly also available on Netflix but if not thats fine?I have seen Devilcrybaby(whatever its called) Cowboy Beep Bop the karakoe rock racoon one One Punch Man and Spirited away.Know little about this stuff.


Saw a kinda funny review mentioned in a did you know gaming video.Just look up Sims 2 Pc Zone review its a pretty short review.


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