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Well just saw in the news there a few hours ago that the kayak club in my college had 2 people be in critical condition from a kayak accident. Its scray just because I was in that club last year. Being honest I can 100% see it being the clubs fault.


My realtive (my granny) passed away there peacefuly Friday. She lasted a good bit past the max 58 hours the doctors gave her to live. It ended up being a lot harder to deal with then I thought it would. Shes at peace and accomplished a lot in her life.


Well my dad's mother is on her death bed been given at most 24-48 hours left to live. Its going to be really hard on my dad. Losing his dog of 18 years other stuff and now this. She has dementia so she really isn't fully there we all have been expectingit




Was looking foward to a kickstarter game called GLITCHED coming out soon. Got delayed hearing his reason though glad he delayed it.


Finaly we managed to clone Occams. Now we just need to hurry up and manage to clone Wes and then we can get that orgy business starting.


Dtoiders I have a question. I was thinking of trying out DND for the first time next week. Been curious about it and a good friend of mine asked me to go to it next week. Any tips/advice from your beginner experince with it?


Been seeing people say about downvoting being back in. Noticed of my comments over the last while only one was downvoted once. Don't let me feel left out downvote me to hell. You know I would do the same for you.


Man fuck busses, just got off one there. Had six or so bags to take away from the luggage area fucking stupid bus driver closed the luggage doors while I was getting my last bags closed right on my hand too.


Well just found out there Ittle Dew 2 was delisted seemingly out of the blue a few days ago. Very upset by this was trying to get some friends into the game very recently :( Luckily I still have it on my switch such a shame the devlopers deserve better.


Humble Bundle has a builder game bundle ones that pop out to me is tricky towers for €1 and Portal Knights for €3 something


Was walking around college today my God the smell from the gamers club room. I was about I would say 3 feet away from the door and I could smell it. Its always smash players as well. I just think its complete bullshit that they don't get given out to.


Finaly got to buy and downkpad that humble bundle rpg bundle. Pillars and Tyranny run really well on my laptop so happy! And just as a reminder the Chapter 9 dlc for Celeste came out today.(Didn't see anything on Destuctpid metioning that yet)


Just so people know it seems Overwatch's switch physical verison is just going to have a digital code. So your waiting and paying for just a piece of plastic and a most likely generic one sided cover for the game. Haven't seen much places mention it.


Oh Nintendo there is always some form of a catch to you. Pretty minor thing but I noticed with the switch 7 day free trial your jot allowed to play the Snes games. Yes it barely effects anybody much now stupid to do it though imo. Let people test it out.


Should have seen that coming that they would put a joke there appreicated all the same.


What's your most regretable accidental video game action/choice? As in if you played Fallout and accidently killed your favourite companion. And for a choice if you were mashing the a button during dialog and accidently seletced a option you didn't want


Oh nice seems CD Project Red said we are getting more witcher in terms of a game after Cybperunk 2077. Ciri witcher game would be awesome but I can't see them doing it wrong with any character or a new one. I'm fine with no Geralt he had a nice ending.


I have no intrest in getting Borderlands 3 but that is pretty cool. Quiet like his you tube channel. Saw somebody say it in the comments of that Monster Hunter girlfriend reviews video.


Good looks like no price switch bump bullshit for Ori on the switch. Will probably get it at launch now.


Going to get a usb drawing tablet touchpad for my laptop soon. Triggerpig king gave me a good recomenadtion of a Wacom one (thanks again!) Just looking for more suggestions. More details in the comments and one touhpad that seems to be the best I can find


God damn it I was looking foward to Risk of Rain 2 on switch. It's already out but they bumped the digital switch verison up by a extra €10. I know porting isn't easy and needs to be paid for but this keeps feeling more and more greedy each time.


God damn it I was looking foward to Risk of Rain 2 on switch. It's already out but they bumped the digital switch verison up by a extra €10. I know porting isn't easy and needs to be paid for but this keeps feeling more and more greedy each time.


F U C K I N G F I N A L L Y. Finally got my new third level bank card today. Went in what must have been a month and a half ago to do this. Kept getting bullshit each time of the 5 times I went in about. Fuck banks fuck them good.


Can anybody confirm how Control's performance is on a base ps4? Been hearing in a few places it can get pretty bad. As long as they fix it up in time it should be fine. Was going to try and get it soon but seems it's getting an expanison pass.


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