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I do usualy hate ainme like it but watched season 1 of Komi Can't communicate and found it relatively enjoyable. I would give it a 7/10 and say all its issue but eh I watched the whole season can't say that for most shows or ainme tbh.Nice animation too


Test,testing 1,2,3, testing


Hmmm the Shiren game on switch is on sale,tempted to pick it up, it's only like €3 off so €17. Usualy I don't like these games but I remember playing a bit of the DS one and liking it a good bit dedpite rng and being kinda brutal with diffculity.


Right near the end of Yakuza4 and noticed that the main plot twists people give out about the game annoyed me less then the other small plot twists which just felt super dumb to me.The main ones were bad that people giveout about just they annoyed me less


About 3 quarters of the way or so through the main story of Yakuza 4 and got to say I think do pretty much prefer Yakuza 3 to 4.For all the stuff 4 does better then 3 its still full of so many tedious boring parts and rushed story parts.I do like it but


Delete Gajknight.(can't seem to login in now with my new account in qtoid even though I can on the front page and if I login in somebodys qpost here I can login and make comments but not qposts)


Got half way through Uncharted Lost Legacy and it has been suprisngly solid although suprisngly imo so far the writting/characters feel very weak/boring.Oh well I got my open world chapter and had fun with that one even if I decide to drop the game later


#Hottaketoid the only correct spelling for colour is colour not color, majority of Last of Us Part 2 was a very safe game, God of War 2018 and Horizon Zero Dawn are very boring games mostly,Dangus's mom is a solid 8.5/10 but not a 9/10,GTA 5 is shitmostly


Why does pineapple have the word apple in it? Why does assistance have ass in it? Why do boobs have boo in it? Why does forgot have got in it?Why does hair have air in it.Why does petrol have pet in it?Why does shit have hit in it?Why does window have win


Had bad joycon drift the last few months and did the trick of using WD-40 and it seems for now at least to have worked great. Only took me a minute or two to do and the WD-40 should only cost you €7.50 for a whole can. Suprised it worked at allorhelped


Tried a bit of Pikmin 3 Bingo Battle, it was fun but really disappointed how simple the maps for it seem to be so far. Core idea is good and Pikmin 3 is nice to play but yeah feels like it needs more mechanics and more dyanmic stuff to use Pikmin oninmaps


Yeah man the heavy grind focus and reusing levels again and again and again really ruins Dandy Dungeon. Grindstone is similarish and much better especialy since you never really have to refarm items again and again just to not insta lose in later levels.


Would anybody here say Xenoblade is a good game for those not into Final Fantasty/Dragon Quest/generic JRPG games?Are the characters good in it?How grindy is the main campaign of the game? I have tried bits of FF12 and I did like the combat in it.


Game seems like a solid enough zelda indie clone game and it's on sale on the eshop for €3.47. Has a free demo too maybe check it out.


My God if you want to return to the title screen in Fire Emblem Three Houses you have to press the button combo of L,R,-,+ all at once. That's so fucking stupid why isn't that just in the menu part of the game jes.Could be wrong but it seems to be thatway


Got a bit farther into Dandy Dungeon and it a fun little game with nice small bits of writting and characters but damn the rng/grind bullshit even on Switch verison completely kills the game. Real shame I was liking it a good bit at first.


People's thoughts on Wonderful 101 remastered? Saw it for €28 on Amazon on Switch. I did like Astral Chain a lot and am a big Platnium fan but not getting much of a clear idea on peoples thoughts on the game.


Tried a bit of Steins Gate Elite and its good and was suprised thT it isn't a case of nothing much haooens at all at all for hours but god this game is so reguraly ainme like that its starting to ruin the game for me.Shame seems to have a good storystill


That's super Mario 3D World finished , would give 3D World a 7/10and with a somewhat nice post game a 7.5/10 and then put it up to 8/10 with Bowser Fury. Champion road and the last world was super underwhelming and boring imo


Got about half way through Evil Within 2 and will probably axe it now and not touch it again however as negative as that sounds I had a good time and good 12-14 hours. Just I think the game has no new open areas, reuses old content for the later half etc.


Huh this ia actualy pretty good or at least if it was for a joke part of a video the song is a lot bettee then it has any right to be


Played a bit of Bowsers Fury and its good fun so far if too much filler but a cool mini DLC but a huge shame to see they did thr same thing as Skyward Sword with locking a Quality of Life Feature behind a ambio.You need Bowser Amiboo to summon Bowseranyti


Hmmm never played the Pikmin games but was intrested in them and I can see I can get Pikmin 3 Deluxe now for €30(the price it probably should have been) so yeah or nah? I think I know that Pikmin are usualy pretty light on content aren't they?


Damn for a litle minigame thrown into a full game chain attack is pretty fun in Evil Within 2 tri3d it for a bit there, Tetris like minigame mixed with shooting where you shoot the blocks to get rid of them and try to chain the same colours and are timed.


Came across this at random just now and it is a pretty funny old destructoud review https://www.destructoid.com/stories/100-objective-review-final-fantasy-xiii-179178.phtml


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