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Oh good. Now I can’t play any of my PS4 games because it can’t verify licenses. It says it’s not my primary PS4. It SHOULD be set as my primary PS4. It’s the only damn one I own. What the fuck Sony?


Remember, Soul, this is your fault. The blood’s on your hands now.


God. Someone just gimme some sleeping pills so I can wake up in 11 hours to see Endgame. The wait is killing me.


Still playing Yakuza: Dead Souls. It isn’t a good time, but it sure is a fun time. If there’s any game I’d love to see remade in the Dragon Engine, it’s this. I’m still digging it, warts and all.




Destructoid. Fix your shit. Seriously.


Finished two Yakuza games in two weeks. Weird reversal I’ve made on the series but I don’t exactly mind. Was worried a third one would be overkill due to burnout. Thankfully, Kiwami 2 in the Dragon Engine is a vastly different game.


New stream for the just-released Toe Jam & Earl! Link in comments!


Wait, no Pikachu? Y’all are a pox.


Bloodstained is up for sale on Amazon. Listed as $40 on Switch, $50 on PS4 and Xbone (but currently $10 off for Bone, for $40). PS4 has a December 31st placeholder date but the others are listed as September 17th, the day before my birthday!


Video games. I play them, you watch them. Maybe. Or not. Link... comments.


It is done, and that final image seems rather fitting. I still have some things to unlock and things to do, though. Claire’s Hardcore S+ run is a real possibility.


Ghost Survivors is now up. Launch trailer is available, and it looks... not good. Like, not good in the way that I wonder if it’ll make 4th Survivor feel like a cakewalk.


Time for another Resident Evil 2 stream! Watch me play games, poorly. Link in comments.


Hey folks! I’m streaming RE 2 if you’re into watching that sort of thing. Trying for S+ on Hardcore with Leon for that sweet rocket launcher. Link in comments!


Soooo close to that 2 and a half hour sweet spot. Oh well. Gonna toy with my unlocks and then the practicing is done. Time for Hardcore!


Welp, playing Apex Legends while listening to Ace Attorney music isn’t how I expected to spend my night. I’m still eyeing an S+ on Standard with Leon in RE 2 but that requires effort, and I guess I’m more in a spray-and-pray kinda mood.


Just a heads-up because I’m shocked DToid isn’t talking about it: Spelunky is on sale through Limited Run games. Basic Vita version is sold out but everything else is still available, including Collector’s Editions. Been selling surprisingly slow.


That’s all 26 episodes of The Big O finished. Still a goddamn mess, but a satisfying mess. Shame it never got its third season, but it ends on a... satisfactory note? Well at least it has a concise end.


Been playing Apex Legends. I get the anger over Titanfall 3 not being a thing, and my thoughts are super-preliminary after roughly a half hour of play, but it’s good. Might be playing this one awhile.


I just... need to second that Licker QPost. I’m at the first one and I don’t want to play anymore. Help! I need an adult!


So a new skin has been revealed for Overwatch’s next event and it’s Lu Bu Reaper. I can’t even at the moment.


Holy shit bones.


It’s time.


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