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Spend all week painting the upstairs of a hipster coffee shop white and dark-green. Time for weekend and playing some KH3, RE2 and trying to find a skunk for uncle in RDR2. Hope everyone have a great weekend!


Re2 1 shot demo done on Xbox. I'll save the PS4 demo for later tonight. Damn this game looks good.


Merry Christmas everyone! My sister and I posed for a #cursedmas for you guys, Wish the costume had a beard, instead it had a bad wig :0 Hope you all have a great couple of days of Christmas fun.


Did the My PS4 Life thing. Guess I like Bioware games a lot.


Wow, the guy who lives in the apartment I'm painting met Pat Morita!


I just sneezed so hard that my gum flew out of my mouth and landed on my shoe.. my last piece and I think I have coffee breath!


Sometimes you can find weird or interesting things in old basements.


Tried to grow a beard, didn't like it so I shaved it. Made sure to get a mustache selfie for #selfietoid


I'm in a new work-related basement! This one has some sort of... cage!


Anyone play around with the new Xbox avatars? This is me, I guess! Watch out I may set my mood to flirty!


Welcome to ancient Greece where there's a strong possibility you'll get Spartan kicked head first into a quarry while your ancient Greece underpants is showing!


My boss: Mr. NinjaFace tear down this wall! Me: SirNinjaFace, smash!


Physical work in this heat is bullshitšŸ˜“ and my stupidhead boss is on vacation. Anyway mini rant over. Hope you guys are having a better/more fun day.


Someone left a cucumber and two tomatoes on the table in the break room at work! Obviously I arranged them to look like a penis and balls and took a picture.


Good start this morning: a very angry woman walking through the the train stops next to me and screams in my face "HAVE YOU FUCKED ANYONE YET TODAY YOU WHORE" before I could answer she moved on, stops next to an elderly woman who was knitting and......


About SirNinjaFaceone of us since 8:25 AM on 02.13.2011

Hello *waves* my name is Jesper and i live in Denmark (one of the countries that's trying to claim the North Pole! go team)

I've been playing videogames since the 80's (yeah i'm that old) starting with a Commodore 64, what a beautiful mess that was ...Load ,8,Run? ahh shit i can't even remember.

Anyways i actually played C64 all the way up until the mid 90's (true fact) when i finally decided to get a PSOne! Oh man i loved the PSOne, from then on i've owned all the home consoles.

My favourite kind of games are story driven single player experiences, i don't mind cutscenes in games! i like chatty Cathy's.

My favourite game of all time is Metal Gear Solid for the PSOne.