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NYCC haul, plus the Resident Evil 3 I snagged from eBay! To your left, original line work by Walt Simonson! On our right, a Beat ‘Em Up poster signed by Yoshinori Ono.


Today I planted my bony ass at my kitchen table for almost four hours, played some YouTube videos, and beat Superstar Saga. It is done. Onward to better times with Dragon Quest IV!


So I watched Fist of the North Star last night and I’ve been thinking about it so damn much. I don’t know if it’s a good film in any sense of the term, but goddamn is it bizarre. Think I might end up getting the game Tuesday for the laughs!


Alright dudes. Trying to figure my next game, as Spider-Man winds down and I chip away at Superstar Saga. Whaddaya think?


I try not to Quick Post so as to oversaturate you all with my shit, but: The Haul to End All Hauls. (Not pictured: Sopranos Complete Series, a new DualShock 4, AND Into the Breach on Switch!)


After restarting it four weeks ago, many years of on and off play, and more still of playing that psychic kid in Super Smash Brothers, I just beat EarthBound. :)


Report: I am now farther than I ever remember having been in past playthroughs of EarthBound. Hope I don’t get hit by a bus before I beat this game.


Jesus. Octopath gets fucking grim by the end of Cyrus’ story...


So Divinity 2 has a Switch port in the works allegedly? Anyone else holding off on this week’s console release for that, or does it sound a pipe dream? Because I think I really want Divinity 2.


In case anyone was on the fence on the recent Metal Gear Solid art books—don’t be.


I know meats and tasty cheeses are the norm around here, I respect that. But waffles, whipped cream, and strawberries for dinner--fuck me UP, family!




I’m going to go ahead and throw Hollow Knight into my all-time top twenty-five favorites. Why not. Good GOD what a game.


Who is behind “fruit?” Why is it so good? More at 11:00.


I guess “Dancer” does sound a little nicer than “Hooker.”


Oh my... 200€ plus shipping to the US... But...


Three weeks of pay for my writing gig just kicked in and I’m still sort of in a state of disbelief and bliss that I’m being paid to do this kind of stuff. Also Octopath tonight. Also pizza or Indian food for dinner? It’s been a long time since eithe


Revaluating Ghost after talking with some of you earlier, and I think I’m back on board. I realize actually the English audio annoyed me more than I thought; it goes from feeling authentic to dumb appropriation, in a way, but accurate audio will be grea


Good news!: I’m starting work as a Writer’s Room PA, and I got the early scripts and it’s actually cool! Bad news: Was supposed to start Monday, then today, now delayed again, while my leave at my consistent job is in effect. And here I am with burg


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