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It's way to early to give an opinion as to how much I like elden ring, but looking back I liked bloodborne and dark souls 1 more. I've also had a decade to say that about them and nostalgia hits harder than hype so I guess I'm not saying anything


I've long maintained the fromsoft games are horror games at their core, but in a way unlike other horror games. I feel like caelid is going to be the area that really gets other people to adopt that position


I got a friend to play elden ring, and he likes it (which is a first) but he keeps getting mad at me telling him to dodge into attacks. He'll learn, he's playing as a caster so it is weird for me because I've never played as a caster


I'm tempted to do a post detailing all the things I didn't know or do in early play throughs of demon's souls and dark souls. For example I did not upgrade weapons/armor until ds2 made me see how much easier it was.


I will never call exp in a souls game "blood echos/runes" they are called souls,


Elden ring playthrough. I have 3 characters for my second playthrough, my ng+ file (which isn't very fun you just stomp the game.) My mage (also not very fun) and my dual wielder on back compat ps5 Guess which one is my favorite?


As I hop between souls games (to decide where to start) I'm listening to crime and punishment, which is the last book my grandmother recommended me to read before she died. I am at awe at how much I like it, and how even translated, beautiful it has bee


This may be a controversial take but the hp ps1 video game looks more like my vision of hp than the movies did


So, I ruined the superbpss for myself, and I absolutely don't think it's the best or hardest in the game (2 ofthe optional demi gods are both harder to get to and beat) but it was super cool and it was very fun.


Lemme give a kitchen tip, you can make bomb ass curry with pasta sauce, which is frequently on sale, for much cheaper (faster and cleaner too) than from scratch/from shitty canned curry. Better quality too


We have a patient, a doctor in fact, who is the president of an insurance company. Their own insurance (and the policy that he is at least in partial control of) does not cover treatment. So of course he just bullies his underling to force it through


The duck at my job has a wife! Look at him standing guard. He got mad when I made that duck noise and started wagging his tail


So those last three huh? I think I was over leveled, but phase two of the last boss (or rather the real last boss) was still an incredible fight. I have a lot of negative things to say, but elden ring is probably the best game I'll ever play


It's hard to be hyperbolic about a game like elden ring


So I'm still not done with my playthrough 1 elden ring (most of my free time in sitting at 110 hours sans guide) and


The video gamey parts of halo is the best part imo. A close second is the fact that they move like power rangers because they can't express more directly


Without spoiling elden ring, there was an article I read the title of that called (comments) the worst from soft boss ever. I just beat said boss, and actually think it's one of from's best


So I discovered an (semi well known) artist Redon, who not only accomplished everything I ever wanted to do with art, but is the evidence I kind of needed to try my hand at painting.


VRR is about to make elden ring much more playable, assuming sony does it on a system level/ from supports it on console


PSA enemies in villages are not aggressive until you attack first. It's a cool detail that fleshes out the world


Best New item in elden ring? Soap. For so many reasons, functionally it is rare that I use it properly, but I'm just glad someone is telling gamer girls about soap


One year ago I got my ps5, which I primarily use to play the souls series. While it's over priced and mostly used for ps4 games, I am still enamored with the idea of playing through all of from's catalog without having to switch consoles


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