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Anyone try out critical mode for kh3? I platinumed it back in February and was wondering if it's enough of a difference. Also, for a game that took 9-14 years to come out no one seems to be taking about what a massive disappointment it is


Kotaku gets called out for the garbage pail articles it publishes


Going back to dark souls 3 after sekiro is... Hard. I think I'm going to restart and finish p5 first


I'm a sucker for cheesey videos like this


Does this actually mean anything to anyone? Maybe I'm missing the point but how is sekiro related to gamer gate?


Who wants to scroll down memory lane with me


Hey, uhhh, you can change your PSN finally.


I feel like this is about to stir a pot that I'm going to let boil


Now that is done. I survived here's a meme


I'm working 24 hours in a 28 hour period, wish me luck


The advertising campaign reminds me of bloodborne's, in that there are ads everywhere. I kind of wonder how many people will buy this game, and then immediately regretting it


Now that sekiro is a getting a lot of hype (I didn't follow this game to avoid spoilers) and I've got a little experience in it, I feel confident in saying from is the best dev this generation, and pretty definitively so


Remember sna- errr wolf, this is a sneaking mission, you'll have no back up


I've spent the entire day talking about and thinking about the nz tragedy, here's something a little less horrible


People who don't ping in apex are worse than those guys that didn't revive in tlou, and wondered why they never won


I just started the sopranos last night in earnest (I had to sit with a patient) and I gotta say, Chris is my favorite character, especially with how hard they make you hate him


Happy birthday to the Nintendo console that just doesn't quit


So last night, I got covered in blood twice, without breaking HIPPA, it's because two people in one hour freaked out for no reason at 6 AM. But on the other hand, I look pretty cool to the other staff, and also as a pure coincidence I found out about this


I'm not looking forward to this summer


There are a lot of weird things in Kingdom hearts as a whole, but xion with Sora's face is definitely up there


This is allegedly an advert at a grocery store and I have no words.


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