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The fine folks at 4chan show once again their brilliance


Do you ever notice the people who say they boycott EA are also the first ones to complain about the new bioware or battlefield game being broken or titanfall 2/dead space underselling? For people who don't buy ea games they sure do keep up with them


Just a reminder, every game you play you should start with glhf mentality


Origin says I have 25+ hours in Apex, which legitimately can't be true, even across PS4,and PC, but of you can't tell I love this game. If someone had told me that I would be playing a br over 100% kh3 even a month ago I would call them a liar


This world is crazy, first ea releases a no broken shooter with decent server support, then Tucker Carlson became comrade Carlson.


Bloodhound gang. I am really digging apex, considering I loved Titanfall 2 this isn't surprising, but this is the first battle royal game I actually enjoy. Bloodhound's my dude


Kingdom hearts 3 was... Not very good. Like, it's down there with days and recoded. There are some good story beats and the story is not the issue, but yeah.


Angry white man (who doesn't understand why everything has to be about race) shows how "not racist" he is


This would mean it is by far the fastest selling kingdom hearts game, and (from what I can tell) the second best selling in the series. Wild


Well, on one hand, there's no sweet victory, but on the other there's a new twilight zone... That's relegated to the shitty streaming site that CBS made. I reaffirm my hatred of sports today


A light American snack for da supa bowl


This advert has surely convinced me to buy this product that is on the up and up


Don't call me out I gave you $5 last year!


DOOM needs more quality memes, that I am too lazy to make. So here's an old goldy


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