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Felt like going back to FFTactics Advance. Trying to go through with jobs I've never used before. Love this game!


Thanks to everyone that showed up to the stream! Finished leveling Warrior and got 2 levels down. Only 199 more to go!


Time to start streaming! Only 201 levels until I get the mount! FFXIV time Baby! https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp


Stream was fun and a success! Thanks to all who came out tonite!


202 levels until the Amaro Mount! Let's Go! FFXIV Stream Time! https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp


Streaming. Hoping everything works! https://www.twitch.tv/shutupaceyp


I did something that I sorta didn't want to but kinda did want to do and now I feel I was mean and depressed. I need something to distract me.


I've had the DKC ost stuck in my head for a while now. Anyone know of any good hacks I could play?


How do people even do things when they're tired?


A friend of mine was playing a game called Sub Rosa and I was wondering why it sounded so familiar. Then I remembered. Subrosia is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.


Having days where I can just stay in and play video games is great but I find if I don't do something productive I get real sad. Guess I'm an adult now. :(


I am so happy that Yian Garuga made it into Iceborne. Nothing has made me happier than going to GU and fighting this monster for the first time and seeing my friends fight it in World and getting super annoyed by it.


I'm so elated right now! Pat and Woolie from Castle Super Beast just talked about a reddit thread I made on their newest podcast!


Bought a new graphics card and now Iceborne runs buttery smooth!


Been going through Iceborne and boy isnit a hot mess for my PC. But it's still so fun despite the stuttering! Gonna get a new graphics card which should solve my problems. Favorite monster so far is the flagship monster Velkhana.


Apparently the Iceborne expansion doesn't release until noon my time tomorrow... sad face. Doesn't even make sense as that makes it release midnight of the tenth in Japan...


Ahhh!!! Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is coming out on PC in 7 hours! I'm so excited!!!! Want to get some Merch for this game since I realize I own none! What should I get!?


Tremble before the adorableness of a hedgehog named, Pickles.


How do people feel about reuploading older videos but with some changes to them?


Changed up my header and made my channel icon look a little nicer. Channel is starting to look good! Just need to make some more videos lol! EDIT: Bump. Added picture since I can't figure out how to link my channel.


I'm not the only one who thinks of these three when seeing the colors of the main 3 consoles, am I?


Nintendo Direct predictions. Maybe a teaser of Prime 4, still feels to early if Retro had to restart it all. New Smash character reveal/release. Some minor looks at known games coming out. Something unexpected. Mother 3.


With the help of some friends I was able to get a bunch of nice images for the backgrounds of my thumbnails as well as some variants of my characters image. New thumbnails looks amazing!


I want to share my video around more but I don't wanna be that guy that joins groups just to promote stuff. Anyone know any other fun communities to join?


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Heyo, I'm Ace and I talk way to much about video games. And now that the internet exists I can finally share everything I know, want, and think!

I have no idea what I'm doing, and that isn't changing anytime soon. Oh well. Maybe I can do something with all those editing skills I obtained from making AMVs. (oh god the cringe)

Anywho maybe I'll share some of these videos I'm making on this here website. Shameless plugging AWAY!