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Something that's become a tradition for me is listening to hip-hop and gangsta rap from the late 80's/early 90's while I wrap presents and drink egg-nog.


I Christmas Shopped today! My siblings, my Sister's dogs, 2 of my 4 roommates and Rebecca have been Shopped at. As for my secret Santa recipient: maybe I have, maybe I haven't. Maybe they already got their thing(s) from me.


Not to sound melodramatic but I always feel a sort of 'dead-on-the-inside', hollowness after I beat a game. Considering Soma was the last game I beat though, I think that feeling is justified. Now to hastily shift my focus onto another game!


Since Tumblr is dead I deleted the app off of my phone and now I have room for...ya know, anything else. Is Fire Emblem any good or would anyone recommend anything else?


I have to be awake in 7 and a half hours and my schedule forecast shows that I'll be working from the 19th through to the 24th. 6 days is a row is better than 8 but it's still kind of a kick in the pants.


I just started playing Soma and I don't want to name-names or come off as antagonistic but Joseph Anderson is an idiot. Possibly even fucking idiot.


So was the Sly movie cancelled? It didn't look great but it looked a whole lot more palatable than whatever's going on with the Sonic movie.


Gotta be awake at 3am...for the next 3 days...Oh well, it should be easy on Tuesday and I don't have any other shifts like that in the foreseeable future for some reason.


Kirby has been stealing hearts for a couple of decades now.


Woo, Amiibo Day! Can't wait to not use these when I get Smash in a couple of weeks.


Dad would have been 54 today but instead he decided to up and die like an asshole a couple summers ago. I think I'm just going to post this on his birth and death days from now on.


I can't believe the Mortal Kombat trailer featured a fatality aimed at an entire genre of music...


Choosing to wait until the 25th or 26th to get Smash is already feeling like a mistake and it's not even out yet.


I've had a full day. Ate a big sandwich. Got lucky and preordered a Ridley amiibo. Colored a thing a few times. Almost got run off of the road by an idiot in an SUV. Drank a quart of egg nog in one sitting. Good day.


#arbitrarymetaltuesday I can't remember if I did Moonspell last week or Cthonic. I've been getting into both kinda hardcore though...and Flesh Juicer...Leshak...Bloody Tyrant...Septic Flesh...


Here's another trend I can cling on to!


OK, I'm new to Discord and I have no idea what I'm doing. How to I find and add people? I'm feeling old and out of touch!


Shog's November Gaming Journal

November! The month when Americans transition from eating hard candy that they put off eating and move onto gorging on softer foods like turkey and potatoes. More importantly though, November is the month when Americans undergo what is...


Got my black Friday check and used it to get new boots. I'm pretty sure it was about time to do so.


So: Cute new work girl and I have been talking more and exchanging red flags and kinks and I'm pretty sure she likes me and I like her. TMI warning but we've hugged 06 loadtime length hugs. Also I kissed her cheek. I may have feelings


Just gotta make it through today and I'll have 2 days off to finish my Destructoid Draws dealy and possibly even do my BoB before the month is out. Unless of course a date happens (which I seriously doubt will happen but is in the realm of possibility)


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