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I simultaneously loved and hated the Nintendo Direct april fools video but mainly because I would like Fallout 3 on Switch...and Wand of Gamelon


March kinda just came and went in a flash...so did February. I didn't even really do anything either, just kinda had horrible anxiety and depression days. I'm feeling a bit better now but it's still there. Can't wait for Fall and Winter...


BoB - Shog and Jolly Cooperation

This month’s BOB is actually going to be difficult for me because of this awful habit I have of playing games almost exclusively in single player. Looking at the games that I did play this month, all I really see are single playe...


I've never rolled up a fatty before but here we are.


I got a new phone this evening and am having all of the fun that comes with setting myself up on a new bit of hardware. Apparently my previous phone was discontinued a long while ago


Spam Musubi! I didn't think it would have made as much as it did and yet here I am...in flavor country.


Cooked again! I made the gravy myself but I used left over beef since I didn't have pork. It turned out nice and I've still got biscuits left over. Woo, cooking!


I'm home alone for the weekend so I'm completely free to play in the kitchen without my anxiety yelling at me.


Thanks again to Sharkukurusu for Dark Sek-Niho Born. The note was an added bonus and I will absolutely talk about this game as I play through it and then probably some more after I've played it.


So much to my surprise, Morrowind and Oblivion run on my PC...So...What quality of life mods do you guys recommend? Question 2: Fallout FIXT is amazing but is there an equivalent for Fallout 2?


I don't want to sound like a 14 year old but Five Nights at Freddy's VR was the best new thing shown on the State of Play thing. The new MK11 stuff actually got me interested in that game but that's old news...so was CTR.


When you JUST make a post about having a massive backlog then #Wes decides that you win a contest. Thanks for the Red String Club!!


So, I just got DEF-Metal Gear V off of the PSN sale, a handful of PC games off of the GOG sale (VtM bloodlines and redemption, Syndicate, theme park, Space Quest 3-6) but I've had an Amazon gift card since Birthmas and Sekiro definitely seems to be good..


Probably an unpopulated opinion but that Nindie Direct did nothing for me. Devolver had some great things to show off and Cuphead is Cuphead but nothing else really did anything for me.


Nobody is really thinking about it at the moment but I'm really curious about which is launching on the Switch first: Mario & Luigi or Paper Mario. I want a new Paper Mario RPG but Mario & Luigi took over RPG duty so Paper Mario can eat paint chips & die


Isn't 'Stadia' that stuff that makes you hallucinate?


Kudos to everyone who's season depression is going away since Spring is happening. I'm very much feeling the opposite. I'll be fine around Spetember.


Kudos to everyone who's season depression is going away since Spring is happening. I'm very much feeling the opposite. I'll be fine around Spetember.


Killed the Nameless King!! Killed 14 times total, funny enough 7 times each to him alone and him on the King of Storms. Wooooooo high on Souls!


Captain Marvel was pretty good. I would die for Goose the Cat. Edit: Captain Marvel is the best live action DBZ movie we're probably ever going to get


Somebody mentioned 'shift + F5'. I just did that and now I can look at comments on chrome. I can look at comments on mobile as of last night too so that's a thing. Hey everybody, good morning!


I've never heard of Happy! before but it's giving me strong Punisher vibes. Good stuff so far.


I love the aesthetic of Ariandel but hate how many enemies there are just...around. is this what DS2 is like? Also at a point where I can kill King of Storms easily but Nameless King is a little too strong for me. I just wanna fight Scythe-Nun!


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