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YEAH! Who's got 2 thumbs and a shiny new (digital) dime for writing internet smut?! This guy!! I'm actually kind of surprised, looking back, to see that the most I've made at once through P.K. Sapphire was about $2.50. Internet smut books are great!


*Bursts into room, checking the time* #FOXETTEFRIDAY!! Also #FalcoLombarettefriday!! I didn't think I made it in time but I really pulled through and managed to smear up the qposts with more of my horrible, horrible cheese.


I had to order a pair of signal lamp assemblies because both of mine broke off and I don't want my turn signals to be bashed or otherwise broken. I've also been working on lewd furry art because I am a well-rounded adult. Time for FFXII!


I changed my turn-signal bulb yesterday and need to order the cover for it today because I was too busy with lewds yesterday and forgot. I put in for time off work and I hope that goes through, I need time away from here.


#WeslikesbunnygirlsWednesdays and I like Final Fantasy XII a lot more than I thought I would and indeed, a lot more than I did the first time I played it. Also, now that I have your attention, I have lewd Bowsette locked up in the comments...


2006 - 2012: "Yahtzee hates Nintendo, he never says nice things about the Wii!" 2012 - 2017: "Yahtzee hates Nintendo, he never says nice things about the Wii U!" 2017 - Now: "Yahtzee hates Nintendo, he won't sell me Consuming Shadow on the Switch!"


So I've got a lewd in the works but a much more important thing happened: I beat Final Fantasy XII. I still have a couple dozen hours of plot to walk through but I'm basically done. Hail Seitengrat!


I am still a menace to society. Here it is colored. I really don't think I'll be able to chose a hair color for the next ones either.


Yay! I'm part of the problem!! This took me about an hour. I'll bump it when it's colored and I'll probably bump it again when I do the follow up image like the horrible garbage man I am. #monstergirlmonday ??


In roughly 4 and a half hours, I've found 60 Gil and a bit of rust in the invisible chests I've managed to come across on the air deck of the Skyferry. Woo! Grinding!!


Waifu-Bowser should really be a red-head...nothing against Blondes but c'mon, Bowser's Mohawk is red, not blonde.


Sooooooo it seems like my Switch Dock is the issue. I could play DS fine in handheld mode which was great until I realized that I couldn't see jack (oh hey, a brightness slider) so I don't know word-the-dillio. Why is my dock refusing to be a team player?


According to the Network Test, I'm going to be playing Dark Souls offline. I'm pretty sure I stayed offline for Bloodborune and it definitely didn't matter for Demon's Souls.


What the Hell is a Dustia? *2 hours later* YEAH! ARCANA! I AM GOD!! WHERE'S MY BUNNY-GIRL AND STEAMPUNK HAN-SOLO!? (I love the Final Fantasies that you can snap over your knee)


I've tried in the past to play instruments and have succeeded in learning a bit of keyboard and piano without profession assistance. A huge part of that is from #nobuouematsu and I hope he's able to recover quickly. This is one of my favorites:


I put down some more money on my October games, engaged with people while out and about, got some sun, enjoyed the outside and, killed Vanguard in the Tutorial section of Demon's Souls. I feel like I should be happier right now. (pic unrelated)


https://www.facebook.com/Shogg88/videos/10155545819746784/ Hey, if you have different regional accounts on your Switch there's a Famicom version of the NES Online dealy. Legend of Zelda has better music and SMB3 is harder in the Famicom version.


I watched season 5 of Bojack and Free Churro hits hard but Dog Days are Over hits close to home. Great stuff as always but I'm thirsty for more.


So I only just realized this but will the Japanese and European Nintendo Account people get different games each month? I would like to play Final Fantasy II for example but I doubt Nintendo would translate it for Nintendonline...


I saw The Nun tonight! I liked Hereditary a bit more since it didn't rely on jumps like The Nun seemed to. Also, both movies use Demon's from The Goetia and Hereditary actually bothered to get the sigil right.


Shog Reacts to the 9/13 Nintendo Direct

Wooo! Nintendo Direct! I had some pretty high hopes for this Direct considering how Smash-Heavy the last two had been. I enjoy Smash and I’m excited to play the next entry in the series but my Switch is more than just a Smash-Mac...


I've written up a CBlog about the Nintendo Direct from a couple of days ago. It'll be up in about 20 minutes or so. Pick could be related.


Yay! New season of Bojack! Oh no! The second episode hit a little too close to home! This shit is fantastic! Pic unrelated!


I think I died more often in Mega Man 9 than I did in 8 but overall, I had more fun with it. MM9 is definitely in my top 3 when it comes to classic Mega Man games (even though it technically isn't I guess??)


I'm kind of disappointed that Pocket Edition is the Final Fantasy XV that found its way on Switch but it's better than nothing. I can see why Nintendo would want to re-release NSMBU too but, I think a New Super Mario Bros All-Stars would be better.


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