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I'm looking at the stats on my youtube videos and most of them have between 2 and 20 views with one exception: My 7th Devil's Third video inexplicably has been viewed nearly 2000 times and I have no idea why because nobody commented, liked or, disliked.


My cries for help are just poorly disguised jokes.


Chapter 7 of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and I've just hit 100 hours. Perun insisted on saving children, go figure. (minor hints of a spoiler in the comments)


So I follow a couple of indie game shops on facebook and the one I used to live close to is getting some cool stuff in! A bunch of amiibo and a few toy/marvel comic packs...they look like things I had to leave down south...


So that Venom trailer...was the Sim-Buy-Oat manufactured by Alchemax or did they not say the name of the evil corporation explicitly?


I started watching Superstore and it's one good edit from being about Fozzy Bear managing a Walmart*


Tonight is my first night at UPS and I have to be at Target right after but what I really wanted to say is, Bearing Her Soul in XC2 might be the absolute worst 'quest' in the history of gaming. Yes, I'm going to try finishing it but hot damn.


I didn't expect to binge anything tonight but I'm really liking Aggretsuko. ... One of the bears shown on train scenes reminds me of Iwata.


What day is today? It's Occam's birthday. What a day for a birthday! Now go eat some cake.


I've set a CBlog to be posted in a few hours from now! I look forward to seeing you all in the parking lot later this afternoon when you're all beating me up.


It's annoying to use all of my boosters and rare or legendary cores and NOT get a 4 or 5 rank blade. It's VERY annoying to use a common core and get a rare blade. OH HAI DAGAS!


Animatronic robots are just robots with fursonas.


I doodled at Applebee's because doodling is fun


I have a second job now! Target by day, UPS overnight. I'm going to keep doing my monthly game journals so get ready for 5 entries about Xenoblade 2 and forgetting about Mankind Divided.


GUYS! GOETIA IS LAUNCHING ON SWITCH!! It's...playable as of today...? Oh well I can pre-purchase it today? I'm always a slut for anything Goetia! Kinda wish I had mine with me but it's in storage...out of state...


Interviewed for a night job at UPS a couple hours ago. The tone of the interview seemed like I was in but no solid confirmation yet.


I'm trying to knock out the All's Fair quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but the control panel isn't letting me activate it. I think I may be unable to finish this quest which is kinda lame because I want Azami to level up :\


Today is one of those weird days where I have work in the morning but like...after the sun has risen. So yay! Taco Bell Breakfast!!


I did a thing I probably should have done a week or two again and have a CBlog on the way about what I think the Smash Roster is going to look like. Reader Beware: no third parties are mentioned in this CBlog...I'mma make another soon with those.


Saw Blockers the other day. John Cena should be in more comedies! He was great and overall I liked that movie, even if I maybe wasn't the target audience. Also, John Cena has a pretty neato ass.


Oh hey, Donald is authorizing an attack on Syria! I'm pretty sure I'm gonna die but frankly I've been under the assumption that I was going to die since I was about 10, woo-yay!


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