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My sister is getting married today! Woo, free food


I'm sick. Nothing serious, just a sore throat, leaking face, and sunny disposition. In other news, a load-baring manager just walked out and I'm curious to see who else is going to quit at work.


The last couple of days have been really bad brain health days for me. Now I'm sick in a cold-like way. I'm still hella depressed but it's gone self aware and meta.


After watching Hitch Hiker's guide and knowing Rise of Skywalker is coming, I'm curious about other dead sci-fi franchises. Red Dwarf is dead right? Wheres a good entry point for that? Also, how's Blake 7? Or those British puppet shows like Thunderbirds?


Yesterday I finished reading The Count of Monté Cristo for the first time. 500 pages and not one mention of fried ham & cheese sandwiches, 0/10. Reading Darth Plageuis now.


BoB - Unfinished Shog-ness.

My Band of Bloggers prompt this month is all about unfinished business, and boy do I have a wide backlog of games that I’ve started or put a few hours into, but never actually finished playing. By ‘finish’ what I mean...


Deadbolt was really, really, good.


I tried a beer that I liked. Woo, Sapporo! It's actually OK.


Cult of Luna's A Dawn to Fear goes really well with Deadbolt's gameplay.


I only just found out Hulu has the 6 episode Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy series. Good stuff, I'll have to re read my books.


Been feeling disconnected and kind of lost recently. I think I'm coming back from that now, it's just weird to feel this during this time of year when usually spring and summer are my season depression months. Think I'll keep off Facebook a bit longer.


Sniper Elite was on sale so I got the third one...has anyone modded in a Dealy Plaza, November 22nd, 1963 map?


Band of Bloggers Halloween 2019 Theme

Happy Halloween Destructoid! Band of Bloggers lurches on, on this most harrowing, and frightening times of year. Around every corner lurks monsters, demons, and the ghosts of past failures. The ghost specifically interests me, and has ...


Shog's September 2019 Gaming Journal

I PLAYED A LOT OF GAMES THIS MONTH. That may be a little bit generous though: How this usually works is, I’ll write down the title of a game that I start playing regardless of how long I actually play it. Take Ducktales Remastere...


I went to a used book store after work today.


BoB - Relaxs-shog-sion

I’m having trouble relaxing so I didn’t know if I would be able to contribute to this month’s Band of Bloggers prompt. The stress of working retail combined with car troubles, and building tensions at home has made it...


Remember that time I told you all to go buy Later Alligator? Go do it. There are multiple endings. Here, take a no-context screenshot.


I don't think I want Wattam, but I definitely want the kind of drugs that would put me in the mindset from which Wattam was conceived.


Not only are games cheaper at Walmart* but it seems like Amiibo are too. Just got a LoZ:LA Link Amiibo for $13, pretty sure those are $16 normally.


Played the Ori demo on Switch before work this morning. Good thing allergy season is starting so I can blame that on my red, blotchy eyes. Gonna have to get the full version on my next payday.


Thanks to playcoins and forgotten, unspent credit, I wound up with Untitled Goose Game for about $12. I just wish it was on PC.


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