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I'm calling Opus Magnum. I knocked out all of the main puzzles and a handful of the Journal puzzles. I even played a bunch of Sigmar's Garden. The limited-space puzzles are a bridge too far though. My overall thoughts on OM are in the comments...


The night jobs I applied for rejected me and I've been sick for the last 3 days. On the plus side, I'm not as sick today as I was on Wednesday.


How many years have people been clamoring for a sequel to The Wolf Among Us? I would guess it's been long enough that the original is going to get an HD-Remaster around the same time the sequel launches.


Top 5 most anticipated games for the next decade: Syndicate Redux. Super Mario Generations. Shaq-Fu vs Charles Barkley-Kuan-MMO. Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Part 2. Peter Molyneux's Actual, Real-life home: A VR/AR Experience.


Thinking about it a bit more, I would rather play Dragon Age 2 than Star Fox Zero, Super Mario Sticker Star, or Destiny.


Fable 3, Dragon Age 2, Skyward Sword...off the top of my head, these are the three worst games from this decade. Ride to Hell was hilarious, Mighty No. 9 made me want to beat it, and Siege doesn't actually exist.


My Secret Santa is awesome! Totodile is the best starter, and I loved Final Fantasy Adventure as a kid but I've never actually played Mana 2 or 3. Time to change that! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You <3


I'd like to see if Stick of Truth is one of the games that defined the decade. It's incredibly rare for a licensed game to be good but what's even more rare is for a game to turn censorship into such a hilarious set-piece. #cursdmas?


Halo: Reach PC hot take - Nobody called me a bundle of sticks or a J*ker with a hard R. 7/3.


"It gets better later" applies to JUMP Force because even though I can't do it within 5 minutes, it took less than an hour for me to beat the Hell out of Boruto with Kenshiro, Deku, and Pegasus Seiya.


Shog's November 2019 Gaming Journal

November! It's a time for cold weather, family gatherings, rabid consumerism, and that most beautiful of things: transitioning from pumpkin spice to something different. So, while I was enjoying a sweet coffee with butter toffee creame...


My original plans after work today were to make a character and maybe get a feel for the controls of Outer World's then do some writing. 5 hours later, I'm in space, and Parvati is best girl.


Found this at Best Buy this morning. Happy Black Friday everybody!


My store is selling The Outer Worlds for $35. I think I bought our last one. I can't wait to play it on Sunday afternoon (maybe Saturday)


BoB - Points of Shogpact

This month’s Band of Bloggers’ prompt is all about impact, but not the usual kind of impact that results in a splattered nazi head, or shattered alien carapice. I’ve been playing video games since I was about three or...


Okie Dokie! I'm going to go to bed now, hopefully be asleep for 12 hours, and that should hopefully sustain me for the 22 or so hours that follow THAT. Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday everybody! It was nice knowing you!


Oh Snap, Steam Autumn Sale! And now I have Blasphemous and gone against HBomberguy's Pathologic video by picking up HD remaster of the first one.


Watching Rogue One directly after the prequel trilogy makes the "Don't choke on your ambition" line feel more in character.


On today's episode of, "I'm over 20 years late to this party", Theatre of Tragedy is really, really, good. Or maybe I'm just that much of an easy sell for lady vocals + metal


I'm only now finding out Pokemon Moon/Sun has version exclusive clothes. I'm gonna assume Shield/ Sword does this too.


A Shoggy Squint at Death Stranding

Thanks to the amazing, and useful, Zunos app I was able to get my hypothetical hands on a digital-deluxe copy of Death Stranding! I’ve been mildly curious about this game since it was revealed, but as the months stretched on into...


Molek-Syntez is out of early access. Welp!


It's that time of year again, when I get snooty about GotY (and even Game of the Decade) discussions. You never know! Battletoads, Darksiders Genesis, or Mech Warrior 5 could be the best game of the year!


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