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BoB - Final Fantasy Shogverted my Expectations

I may have mentioned this a few times before, but I’ve been playing Final Fantasy games since I was very young. My first RPG in general was Mystic Quest, I went from that to Final Fantasy Adventure on the Gameboy, Final Fantasy I...


Oh right...February has the fewest days of all of the months. Welp, my BoB is on the way up now so there! Happy Leap Year everybody! Also, Happy Birthday to Vxxy!!!


I'm not celebrating the seemingly inevitable fall of Gamestop, because people losing their jobs is usually terrible, but in the US Gamestop killed EB, Gamecrazy, Funcoland, and Thinkgeek, possibly even more than just that, and I'm still kinda bitter.


Sword Art Online - Zoomer .Hack - Millennial Mega Man Battle Net - Gen X Reboot - Boomer


I'm either 1/3 or 1/4 of the way through .Hack//G.U. I think the 4th part is just a short epilogue. Ep1 was really good and I wasn't expecting a cold ending after the last boss. Not sure if I'll start ep2 now or in a couple weeks though.


I have a funeral to go to on Wednesday. My step-dad's, dad passed away and he was the closest I had to a grandfather. I wasn't super close with him, but I still have those weird post-life feelings and thoughts.


I had a great stream last night! It wasn't just fun, but I enjoyed a fascinating dialog about child labor with Lex and Vxxy. Not sure if I'm going to stream Bioshock next, or Strider 2014.


https://www.twitch.tv/shoggoth8852 I'm going to stream a little before bed.


https://www.twitch.tv/shoggoth8852 I've never played Resident Evil 6 but I'll be playing it for a few hours. edit: NEVER MIND. I still want to stream something since I'm off and home alone but fuck that. I gave Resi-6 an hour. I'm done.


I took myself out today for a few hours. It was nice to see that the community college I dropped out of is being built up, and it was nice to be part of a crowd for a little bit.


Make sure if you decide to do any of that lewd hand-holding today, don't do it in public. You'll be put on a Government list. Happy V-Day, enjoy a lewd


"I don't think I like being around people" I thought to myself last night, when I deliberately waited until everyone was asleep before I went to make food but they weren't asleep and 2 of them came downstairs and into the kitchen and I want to run away


I got called in to work tomorrow but I'm already scheduled to work tomorrow. They really do think there's more than one of me, don't they?


https://dashboard.twitch.tv/u/shoggoth8852/stream-manager I'm going to try this streaming thing. Come ridicule me!


A Decade in Review; Shoggy-11

2011 was a really weird time for me, I was living at home with my Mom and siblings, trying to build up enough money to move down south to make a long-distance relationship into a not-at-all long distance relationship. I made it happen ...


Woo, just beat I Spit on your Tomb. I'm satisfied enough by it that I don't see myself playing the sequels until they too go on sale for less than the price of a Popeyes chicken sandwich. I don't think I'll be 100%ing this one either. It's good though.


Want to play Animal Crossing without fear of giving in to micro transactions? Delete your save in New Leaf and start over. Or City Folks, or whichever you prefer. Think of it like a digital Mandala: we all know it isn't permanent anyway.


I got paid today, so i Birthday Gifted myself books from a fantastic used book store


I watched Blade Runner for the first time last night. There's another classic I can finally stop lying about having seen! I followed it up with Look Who's Back, so I guess the theme of my movie night was, 'This didn't need a romantic subplot'.


I wasn't expecting this much birthday love. This is the best community online and I'm glad I haven't alienated myself from you degenerate weebs, furries, and Siege-players. Thank you 💜💜💜


Shog's January 2020 Gaming Journal

It’s a whole new year, a whole new decade, MY BIRTHDAY, and 2 Steam sales affected what games I played this month...and realistically, next month too, and the months following that. Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a good New ...


I don't want to get yelled at or gunk-up the CBlog section, so I launched the BOB prompt on the 1st, I'm launching my usual monthly blog on the 5th, and the second part of my decade project on the 12th. Happy Writing and Happy February everybody!


First impression of Tomb Raider 2013: I like this more than Uncharted, and as long as there are no zombies, I believe it's going to be much better. First impression of Evoland: Hey, this is interesting! I wonder where it's go-oh, I finished it.


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