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My state return came in earlier this week. (Not pictured, the extra food I've splurged on)


Quick Final Fantasy IX, Switch pro tip! When you're coming back to the game, chose to load your save rather than choosing to continue from the main menu...Unless a boss kills you...


I'm curious to know just how many people are going to get to this point in Final Fantasy IX for the first time and think to themselves, "Holy Shit, that's the Jimquisition theme!!!"


I got an email from Squeenix about FFIX being available on the Switch and Xbone...but the screenshots they're showing in the email are for Final Fantasy V. So...yeah...FFV on Switch, When?


Oh Shit, the best Final Fantasy is launching on Switch today. Also, as much as I like Dead by Daylight, the Switch port looks like an early PS2 game. I hope it cleans up in the next 7+ months. <b>[edit]</b> I'm all set


I'm really hoping the Prime Trilogy is launched tomorrow during the direct but I also want the option to play without motion controls. I demand much, I know.


#shelfietoid I feel like my shelf hasn't changed all that much since last time. Hopefully I'll have added Cloud and K Rool amiibo by the next one!!


Me over the last few weeks: "I'm going to be bled dry when I file my taxes" Me moments ago: "Welp, guess I'm building my first PC in the next few weeks"


I'm taking my sweet, sweet time with Dark Souls 3. I only just killed a giant hemorrhoid afflicted tree. I've been killed by a giant hat in a crumbling ruin too. It killed me with light and gave me Pinwheel vibes.


Would it be fair to say that Mario Kart Wii is the Dark Souls 2 of the Mario Kart franchise?


My dumb ass only just now figured out that A) I can change the backlight of my keyboard keys and, B) How to make the change happen.


The DMC5 demo has convinced me that it's definitely better than 4 but this series just straight-up is NOT for me.


That feeling when you're hungry but you also have to poop...


Happy Turn-Based Strategy Appreciation Day


Shog's January Gaming Journal

The first month of 2019 has come and gone and like every other January, it came and went pretty quickly. The first few days were wild and slow but after that first week, January did what January does: it makes way for February. Surpris...


Remember that time I would do a monthly blog thing about the games I played during the previous month? I'm doing that again this year. My first one is going to be live in about 20 minutes.


It's snowing again...snowy weather always makes me want to play Max Payne, what about you?


Band of Bloggers February 2019 Theme

It’s that special time of year where you’re reminded that it’s a special time of year! No, not that special time of year, it’s that other special time of year: February is the month of love and just like true lo...


Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, Darksiders: Warmaster Edition and, Assassins Creed 3 are coming to Switch, Piranha Plant just dropped in Smash and Prime 4 was delayed...I feel like this should have all been announced in a Direct.


I'm probably not going to count it on my monthly games list thing but I played a Pokemon Let's Go demo at Target today. It looks great but the motion control kills it for me. I know it's minimal but it's still more than I want to deal with.


I watched a Kim Justice video about either Max Payne or the concept of heroic bloodshed some months ago and that made me aware of the film Hard Boiled. I only just watched that movie...I shouldn't have waited.


I have no idea what I'm doing...but I'm doing it here It's Dark Souls 3


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