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I was curious about how well recieved the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich has been and now I'm in a massive line for one. I think its popular. (edit: I was in line for about 20 minutes)


Well I could spend $20Million on a Type-7 transport but it would only 30T of extra cargo space...I'll stick with my Type-6. I'm gonna keep saving for that sweet Type-9. Elite Dangerous is still Hella Neato.


BoB - Shogka-Shoglee

I like the idea of doing a blog about game characters! Really good characters (or even just one great character) can help get me through otherwise mediocre games and I know for a fact that other people feel the same way (insert dispara...


Who would win in a fist-fight? An anthropomorphic personification of Ludonarrative Dissonance or an anthropomorphic personification of Reader-Response Theory? Let's assume they're in a 711 parking lot at 2am, fighting over a sandwich.


I remember the 11th being a really tough day for me and apparently today is the 17th...the end of the 17th...I'm not missing memories of the last week I'm just not sure how I got here from there. Also I feel like I'm behind on my BoB (I'll post it soon)


I think I liked Static Cling more than Enter the Florpus but I only just watched Florpus once so far. The animation seemed kinda inconsistent in Florpus and it was kind of distracting to me.


I really liked Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling. It's a shame the show probably isn't coming back in a greater capacity though. Can't wait for Floorpus. Also, I watched Princess Mononoke for the first time last night and really, really, enjoyed it.


I've got 2 days off for the first time in a long time! I can build my GOUF. I can do more writing or RPGMaking. I can apply to better jobs. Or I can wake up at 6:45am and play Elite Dangerous for 5 hours and counting. Woo! Self care!


Saw Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark with my housemates. There were a billion people at the place and I think I might not be able to handle crowds anymore. Movie was OK too, I guess...needed more body horror.


When have you chosen incorrectly. What I mean is, a new console launched and you have enough money for that console (a memory card) and 1 game. Or maybe a time when you were a kid, begged for game A and it turned out to be bad and you were stuck with it.


It's kind of absurd that Shaq-Fu, Bubsy and, Shenmue are being revived but Primal Rage hasn't been yet. Granted, we'll probably see Primal Rage: Ressurection before we see Tattoo Assassins: Re-Armed.


I enjoyed the 2017 Power Rangers movie.


So far in FFXIV I killed the Curse-Rotted Greatwood with the help of nerds and I just killed a stone golem. This is pretty neato so far.


I'm setting up my FFXIV trial dealy...does it actually cost money to change servers? We, Worlds? Which one are you nerds using?


Shog's July 2019 Gaming Journal

I still hate the summer and I still hate July but that ugliness is behind us now. The blazing heat and wildfires and, humidity of July will break under the pressure and intensity of heat and wildfires and, humidity of August. Luckily f...


So...FFXIV or SW:TOR? On the one hand, I already loaded XIV onto my PC but on the other, playing as a light side Sith is something you can do. I think they both do 30 day trial periods.


I like how the great Maryland pastime of shitting on Bethesda has grown into a national pastime. It's almost a shame most of you don't know the sublime pleasure that is shitting on Potomac.


There's a sale going on and there's a bundle going and I guess $22 is a good price for Fallout 4 and Skyrim SE on PC. You finally got me Todd...You finally got me...


I found PC copies of Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 3 at the thrift store and they were covered in the 5 for $5 DVD sale they had going on. Guess I have no reason to put off playing the ME trilogy now! Gonna need to buy the DLC though...


Woo, bandwagon! These cute people were tricked into loving me. They'll figure out my con sooner or later.


Put my ZakuIIF2 together finally! I'll do the GOUF sooner or later.


I've been awake since 3am becuase work...and was scheduled off last night at 830pm. Retail is fun and not at all nightmarish.


I'm having trouble with an event so I'm thinking about just starting it over from scratch. The plan is to interact with a thing a few times then, if you have the right item on-hand, use item on thing to get a different item that will allow for progression


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