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Mass Effect Andromeda: Deluxe Edition is $14.29 on Amazon in NA (lol).


Blue Reflection OST - 1.06 Albireo Lake


Okami HD is getting a physical release. Surprising. I think Capcom is really hurting. I heard just today that MvC3 sold only 8k (my god) in Japan. I literally heard that and purchased Dragon's Dogma PS4 righ there out of pity. Stay safe Capcom ...


In case I had any doubt left that RUINER was a love letter to Akira, this artwork cleared it up. Really love this style.


"RUINER team" disqus account is upvoting comments on the review. Pretty neat. Definitely enjoying the game, though I think it's not for everyone. The character designs are sooooo good. A love letter to Akira.


Sidewalks and Skeletons - Disappear (2015). Featured in RUINER (this song is sick as hell)


Lightfield - Cleaver Clearance


Guess this game came out on PS4 today. Turns out the OST is totally nuts. Never even heard of it before today, but it's reallllly good. It's available on Bandcamp.


So I guess the RUINER OST is largely licensed music, and not an OST. Similar to the Hotline Miami approach. But yeah, totally worth checking out all the bands. Great way to get showcased.


RUINER coming out tomorrow. Going to go for it based off the excellent trailers. I do hope it turns out to be good.


Super into this song. Been on repeat for the last week!


Downloading now on Switch, pretty excited. If you guys never played this series, the first one was great. It's just pure exploration, digging underground and looking around for fun collectibles. Very addicting and easy to get into.


I highly recommend Shadow Tactics to anyone who likes really in depth stealth games. There are so many neat mechanics in there to play around with. Plays a combination of stealth with hero RTS almost. The characters all have useful strengths. $50 on PS4.


I'm pretty interested in Kentucky Route Zero, even though I hear it's barely even a video game. I heard someone describe it as a "digital art piece." That sets off all my alarm bells. But the presentation looked neat ... hmm


Decapitated - Impulse (2017)


Splat Charger has gone from my least favorite Salmon Run weapon, to my favorite. You're just the boss killer, exclusively. You can either one shot or two shot several of the bosses, and it's so fun. I killed a Drizzler guy while jumping in the air!


Corrin (player 2) amiibo is in stock on Amazon by the way. Just noticed today and I missed it the first time.


Matterfall unlocks for digital download in 1 hour 7 minutes, North America.


TR/ST - Bicep(2017)


Full NieR: Automata concert. A must watch for all fans of the OST.


Starting up Miitopia finally. My dark lord is Michael Jackson. My first party member is Gary Busey, and he yells "Sober for 6 months!" anytime he finishes an enemy with his frying pan. My day has been fairly productive.


So yeah, guess nuclear war in the next week is an actual distinct possibity. Can't say I saw that one coming when I woke up this morning.


Pretty funny to see Jim Sterling remove his own hyperbolic low review from Metacritic because of backlash. I guess that's indie game privilege. He certainly didn't remove the hyperbolic, low reviews for FFXIII, AC2, Lords of Shadow, or Vanquish.


All my matches so far are Ketchup vs. Ketchup and we don't even get the new colors. Either everyone's asleep, or this is the new reality we live in. No one picks Pearl ....


NeoGAF is posting some extremely impressive FFXV: Comrades gifs - posting them in the comments. Really goes to show how poor the cast of XV is. Merely switching them out for a playable create-a-character makes it look like a PS5 game.


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