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Most precious magician


Must be protected


Takagi is so precious


One of my resolutions for this year was to be less negative about things. But the gaming industry and its seemingly endless bullshit of half assing, nickel and diming, lying and cheating and generally being scummy makes it so very hard...


Now that's some hot sauce


Woo best 5head is back!


OP is bop and Til is precious. I love her character design. First episode was pretty great. I wasn't expecting a buddy cop series.


Highly recommend it. It's so much fun


Super fun game that really soured a lot by that atrocious final dungeon




And that's star Allies finished. Totally worth the 29.99 it cost me. That final boss was fucking dope! And then the final extra stage being made like the original Game Boy version Aaaah! I loved it


So precious!


Spend one day offline and come back to the Smash community being pieces of shit to a 15 year old girl, The Little Mermaid being turned black and Kotaku stealing Mario Maker levels to promote as their own


Mail came early! Maker buddies with Riff Raff


Preorders are live for the Nintendo store in the UK! https://store.nintendo.co.uk/games/nintendo-switch/the-legend-of-zelda-links-awakening.list


Preorders for both are live on Amazon UK!


Bomb Chicken 100%'d. Super fun little game and getting some of those gems is infuriating. Moving on to Kirby! 4 levels in and it's wonderful. I don't know why so many people shit talk it? Unless it nose dives at some point?


What a wonderful series. I'll miss her precious face


I loved it just as much as the first. What an awesome little cliff hanger at the end too


My new favorite song


I'm sold. I'm sold. I'm sold. I'm sold. I'm sold.


Let's see if a wild bingo appears.


Just catching up on the Bethesda conference because it was live at like.. 3am my time.. Precious Japanese lady is so precious!


I have high hopes for this with the amount of hype and praise it's got. It better not let me down.


! it's finally here


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