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Ah my heart...


P r e c i o u s


My favourite not-couple-but-totally-are of the season


So dumb... but so precious.


Well from here on out Saturdays are gonna get super dark!


Friday's just became more fabulous.




Spiderman is getting a manga and it looks rad


One of my favourites


Bowsette and Dry Bowsette. I really do love how this is such a big thing now.


LOL. Also I'm not one for memes but that cat with the instruments tickles me.


I thought the Direct was great. Luigi's Mansion 3 looks awesome. The old Capcom beat 'em ups are hype. Naa na na na na! Yoshi still looks super chill. World Of FF is fantastic as is 7 & 9. What does Peachette mean with lore? D: ISABELLE BABY WOOO!


Omggggg!!1!!1oneone. But seriously, imagine the shit storm.


Who'd of thought chasing pigeons around a city would be so much fun.


Mail man coming through like a boss.


Temptation is getting the better of me...


Oh my... that gameplay reveal was something!


Just arrived in the mail. Very cool!


Hot damn. New Venom looks so awesome.


Move over Boo. Monty Mole is playable!


Rest in peace you magnificent bastard. Rest in peace...


9/1 in placements. I'm happy with that rank.


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