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It's very very cool but OOF that price


It's such a banging remix


Day 1. It's wonderful. Those last 5 red coins were a dick to find. DxM is fun but it's gonna take me a little while to get used to those controls though...




Oh dear oh dear!


I love this so much


I may have ordered the wrong size...


I guess this is happening then.


Ah.. my heart


Aaaaah! People datamined stuff! She comes with a costume which is her pigtails look! She looks so much better!


Everybody having fun with RE2 and KH3. Meanwhile here I am spending COUGH on nendos


ALL THE BUDGET! That is some sexy animation.


The important questions in life. Yay or nay?


How very tempting


Maybe I just don't have the patience I once did or maybe people are just desperate to pad their videos for the revenue, but lately I've been finding myself watching almost every Youtube video at 1.5x or 1.75x the speed..


Papapapa chuchuchu rappapapa~


I'm glad I said I was 95% with my anime schedule


95% sure I have my anime schedule locked in for this season.


Creepy child flasher Vs Overweight Psychic. Better than SFV.


Well that was a fun way to spend the morning. Some of those DK coins and bonus rooms are really tricky to find.




Oof this is gonna be a ride after that first episode. Some good shit airing this season!


Wooo! Yumeko is back!


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