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SFIV: Footage of Cammy in Action

Someone alert Nihon, his wife is in full 3d action...getting her assed whipped by Chun and he thunder thighs. better yet, don't let Nihon know. Either way, there you go. Not much to see but not much we don't know already. Thanks to .


Shin Megami Tensei MMORPG hitting outside of Japan

Apparently this has been announced about a month ago. (and I truly never remember seeing it on front page either.) but seeing the Play mag today, not only did we see the Dan/Fei Long SFIV confirmation offical, I happened to see that we a...


Lost Planet in my TvC? SAY WHA??????

About midway in you get to see the Vital Suit, PTX-40A from Lost Planet in action. Oh and Lets not forget that Karas from....Karas was also confirmed. Karas looks to be a main Tatsunoko fighter I pick up and the Vital Suit is pretty much ...


So I wanted to play Streets of Rage 2....

Only to find this slly gem happened to me PHAIL seriously...I have to do such steps: each time I wish to play the full game or play with a friend? Seriously Moneysoft. This type of crap shouldn't be happening. It's not my fault my firs...


Examu working on new fighter called Daemon Bride

http://www.famitsu.com/game/news/1216644_1124.html Not much else is known on it cept it looks to be a 2.5dish game and uh...that's about all I know so far. Though it seems the girls (not sure if it's limited to only girls.) are support cha...


Burning Souls: Li Long

This will probably run on until I'm out of ideas to make characters with. But bear with me. i'm actually not being lazy for this. I love Li Long. So much that I miss the guy. I wish they'd take Maxi's pointless ass out and put Li Long ba...


E3 suckage due to what?

I felt this pic didn't get much luv last blog. After the sub par press conferences, we can simply say most were disappointed. But looking back at last year and E3's new "time" you can't say last year was any better than 06. It's safe to ...


The Oni's impressions of E3 as of the 16...

I won't lie here. I've been sadly stuck with shitty work schedules this whole week to prevent me from even watching live feeds or even hearing them outside of constant txts to update me on what's been announced (the more imporant stuff...or...


Arcades...Wat Happon?

[I actually just wrote this up for that CNN Ireport thing. Of course you guys deserve more than enough to see this than kids who scream FFVII all day and can't type a sentence.] Arcades were the big thing years ago. Really before my birt...


2 Vids of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Location Test

I must say. If you loved MvC/MvC2, you'll be right at home...or close to it. From what I noticed: - Double jump? Least I thought I saw it. - Air Dash. But that was seen in the trailer. - New voice for Morrigan...(ok not that serious...but ...


More nonsense on Tatsunoko/Capcom Crossover

Because I know most of you don't care about this game for whatever reason. (no chances in US, not a fighter fan, blah blah blah.) For those of us who "care" well...another screenie of who's added. Outside the ones we know, Soki from Oni...


A Cast of Thousands: K'Dash

K'Dash (or the name he's known by, K) is a man I can completely give love and thanks to for helping me get back into the SNK fighting game scene. Around the time of King of Fighter 2000's release (King of Fighter being KoF from here on ou...


Microsoft Moneyman, Gates, Steps down as Leader

What's next for this rich man? Apparently, Gates last day as Microsoft full time leader is today. Apparently he's devoting his time and that fat wad of money he has to philanthropy through the family charity orginization. A snip from th...


More Soul Calibur IV Luv: Arcade Sticks

Thank you SDtekken 360 Stick PS3 Stick I'm so buying the 360 version. and for 60 bucks? I win. Greatest thing of all? No Star War character on these (ok for me at least. I personally could care less for Yoda/Vader/Starkiller as m...


The Start of the Affair: Chrono Trigger

Seeing I Can't remember my first game (and i'm quite sure I wouldn't remember enough to talk about anyway.) I figure I come out the closet fully and share why i'm really so obsessed with one of the big SNES RPGs around: Chrono Trigger Up...


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