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Fallout 3 can hold your lunch @ Amazon today

Haven't bought Fallout 3 yet? What, are you waiting for the actual nuclear apocalypse so you can get the full experience? Or maybe you're just saddened that you didn't manage to get one of the collector's edition boxes when they were firs...


Favorite 10 games of 2008

Well, here I am again, doing pretty much the same thing I did last year around this time. Things are a bit more spread out among the systems this time, as the last year has seen me end up with both a 360 and a PS3. This was also a ridicul...


RPG Spotlight: Legend of the Red Dragon

Normally when I do these sorts of posts, I try to spotlight games that are slightly obscure, well crafted, or try to do something different from the rest of the pack. And while Legend of the Red Dragon may be rather obscure nowadays, it c...


A Cast of Thousands...: Maxim

Few heroes have their entire fate laid out for them before they start their journey. The player is often led along with the hero, watching as the story and the tension builds, waiting for the payoff when everything reaches its conclusion....


The Good, The Bad, The TL;DR: Chaos Wars

Atlus. Red. Aruze. Idea Factory. Not the biggest names in JRPG-dom, but decent players in their own right. From Growlanser to Shadow Hearts, they each have an array of game series and characters to call their own. Since these games ha...


RPG Spotlight Contest: Victory Theme

Entries have been written, deadlines have gone, days have passed, and battles have been won. And after all that, a winner has emerged from the mists! Congratulations to Shoop for his writeup on Wizardry 8 which I've been having a blast wi...


Old Game is Old: ZZT

Ahh, the days of my youth, sitting around in front of a computer with a 40 Mb hard drive, running COMit off of a floppy disc and dialing into local BBS systems just to see what new Shareware I could spend the next 3 hours downloading while ...


RPG Spotlight Contest

I'm sure it's no small surprise to hear that I'm a big fan of RPGs, what with the usual subject matter of my cblog posts, along with the banner and whatnot. However, with all the searching I've done in order to find things I may have miss...


Retro Gaming Contest: Wild Guns

Now that we have reached the era of High Definition gaming, it seems there is little room for a game as simple as a shoot-em-up to grace any of the modern consoles. Any that do make it are relegated to services such as XBLA or the PSN, an...


The Good, The Bad, The TL;DR:Burnout Paradise

I'd make a John Milton joke but really, he's not that funny I've always been a fan of the Burnout series. Something about fast cars, reckless driving, and ridiculous crashes has always been appealing, most likely because I can't get away ...


Good Idea/Bad Idea: Level Scaling

So you're a weakling farmboy or farmgirl, heading out into epic adventure and you come across a group of monsters that you just can't defeat. Not to worry! You just happen to be in an RPG, and if things are too difficult, you can always s...


About Shawn Kelfonneone of us since 8:13 PM on 01.05.2007

Well, let's see, I've got a ridiculously sized game collection, spanning from Coleco to Wii, with much of what's in between. The Super Nintendo was the height of awesome for me, and I still break it out once in a while to relive those memories.

I'm also a fairly big RPG nut, recently been playing WoW, may god have mercy on my soul.

I've got all three "current-gen" systems, and love them all for various reasons.

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Rock Band 2(360)

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