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Contestoid: Repost from Spykron; REMINDER

So, I plan on having a visitor for the week of the 13th to the 18th, our very own Spykron., whom I've known for years. He's already posted this contest (twice), but I figure since I'm involved, I would like to see what goes down as well, an...


Chromehounds and Me; Personal First Impressions

After Xbox live decided to go on a really screwy hiatus for the last month, I decided to go look at game trailers/demos that I might have missed during the outages – assuming Microsoft itself could update with anything on their end. I didn...


Vocal nintendo video

I'm sure this has already found its way here, but I enjoy it thoroughly, so I will share, too. If there is anything that Nintendo will always have, its the overly recognizable music.


Contestoid: Repost, from Spykron.

So, I plan on having a visitor for the week of the 13th to the 18th, our very own Spykron. He's already posted this contest, but I figure since I'm involved, I would like to see what goes down as well. Basically, we don't have a ton of mon...


Weak Points

This inspired me; to ask the question, why? Why is it that so many video games have silly weak points for bosses that are otherwise pretty cool? Sometimes you have to use a "secret sense" to expose the weak point, but a lot of the time i...


When bad games feel good Wii edition

I think we can all agree that the Wii has been a bit behind with making epic games. I have a wii, and think it has potential, if Nintendo would get off its ass and move with it. Otherwise, I bring you, bad games that feel good for the Wii,...


The game blame game

When a child is caught or confronted after doing something bad, what is their first instinct? Direct the repercussions somewhere else, be it a sibling, or the dog. This instinct is imprinted on us from an early age, and is inflated as the s...


When bad games feel good part 2

Sometimes general intoxication is required to enjoy these games. Sometimes excessive amounts of boredom leaking into our souls. And sometimes, its just to boost the gamerscore when friends start to compete. Either way, enjoying games is wh...


When bad games feel good.

We've all played games that leave a bad taste in the mouth. The ones that most won't buy, and on the off chance they are purchased, immediately return to the shelves. Some of them lacking content, some of them throwing glitches at you at ev...


The Seven Deadly Sins of Christmas;

Disclaimer: None of this is meant to be taken seriously. Otherwise, enjoy. 1. Lust: One word: Mistletoe. Also, cocks. 2. Gluttony: Aside from the obvious reason for Christmas (see; loot) the holidays' other primary attraction is food. ...


Simple Rules for enjoying Assassins Creed.

At a first glance, the far-fetched storyline, mixed with the strange gameplay, ugly human models, annoying npc's, bad accents (though some were alright), and vicious guards – Assassins Creed doesn't feel like it lives up to the hype of xb...


Lego + Star Wars = Party in my pants!

I was really excited to see Lego Star Wars up for grabs on the 360 as the bundle set aptly named “The Complete Saga.” This rendition of the Star Wars series is absolutely brilliant, even the second time around. With no voice actors they'r...


Maul of America (Dead Rising)

After you discover High-def, or otherwise clarifying video options for your xbox/TV, games like Dead Rising become playable. To begin with, the text is entirely too small to be read, and fuzzy on standard TV's, which is my only major gripe ...


Portal Kombat!

Since everybody's doing it, I thought I'd have a go at reviewing the Orange Box, which has nothing to do with oompa loompa genitals as it might sound. Instead, its a special value, 5-in-one game, especially useful if you don't already own t...


You do drugs, so I don't have to (Viva Piñata)

Recent circumstances outside of my control have left me with excess amounts of time, and completely dried up funds. So to pass the time, besides reading, I've been replaying quite a few video games (you knew where this was going by now.) S...


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