NE: The Virtual Console has been succeeded by Switch Online
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In a silly way #selfietoid kind of weirds me out a little bit. You all look so different from how I picture you (admittedly I mostly picture you as walking avatars) that it feels like the balance of the universe is shifting.


Shinkz' quickpost earlier just made me realize that Tressa reminds me of someone...


In Bravely Default I liked to go against the typical JRPG grain by making the ladies into warriors and the lads magic. Now that I can play Octopath, I think I'll try running all-ladies team. Coincidentally, they seem to have the best stories too.


I reportedly received Octopath Traveler in the mail yesterday but as luck would have it I’m over at my mom’s this weekend. I can just picture it now; that sweet, beautiful game all alone in the mailbox until Monday. Please give us your moral support.


Netflix just offered me up a trailer for a new animated movie Wild Fang. I have no idea if it's good, but its animation style reminds me a lót of Breath of the Wild (especially if you have the Wolf Link Amiibo). That earns it a watch in my book.


Sometimes I feel like the only pigeon that doesn't know how to fly home. And then when you ask the other pigeons how they manage they go: "I mean you just do it, right? You spread your wings and then you just sort of fly home."


Despite some flaws, I really enjoyed the original Crash Bandicoot on the Trilogy. The thing is, people have been telling me that all those flaws were ironed out in 2, which should be better in every way. Right now I feel like it's the exact opposite.


Multiplayer in Mario Tennis Aces is extremely frustrating when your opponent is better than you, but damn thrilling when you're on equal footing. Had a fantastic match of Goodest Boy vs. Boo start with two Breaks leading into two heavily contested Games.


Leaving work early to pick up my copy of Mario Tennis Aces. Reviews have been solid and I hear the netcode has been markedly improved. The fundamentals I saw in the demo were great fun, so I'm all in. Can't wait to take my gal Rosalina for a (top)spin!


And that makes a full set! Hyrule Historia, Arts & Artifacts, and now this to round it out. Shut up, I don't have a problem.


"100 hours of community service for publicly masturbating Pokémon Go player". Hey GajKnight, what gives? You didn't tell me you were visiting!


C.Q. Cumber doesn't mess around. He straight-up executes your ass if you don't meet his standards.


For all the Smash coverage that's been on the Treehouse (and it was a lot), they were surprisingly light on the guest characters. I don't think I've seen them use Snake, Cloud or Ryu at all. Too bad! I was looking forward to some detailed Snake footage.


And here I was thinking playable Chain Chomp was weird. Also, they just confirmed that Koopa and Blooper will be available for everyone. The online tournaments are only for early unlocks.


They're playing Mario + Rabbids: Donkey Kong Adventure on Treehouse now, and the devs just called it "half as big as the main game". It's okay you guys, I was already going to buy it. You don't have to sell me on it even more.


I'm actually considering digging Smash Bros Brawl out of my games cabinet to get a feel for characters like Snake and Pokémon Trainer again. I loved playing as a few characters who'll now return, but I haven't touched them in ages.


Going through the Smash site, and I'm really digging the character designs for this game. Zero Suit Samus looks so cool! Even her mole kind of works for me now for the first time since it was decided she needed one.


So they're showing Fortnite on Treehouse now. The thing is, I've obviously heard a LOT about Fortnite in the past months. Everything from Battle Royale to meteors on Tilted Towers or whatever. But here's something I haven't heard yet: is it actually fun?


I had hoped there was some more exciting stuff besides Smash, but that one looks great. I like the character redesigns (Zero Suit looks bad.ass.). I'm excited for Pokémon Trainer to be back without his awful gimmick. Loved Ivysaur in Brawl. Also Snake.


I like this mindset: "You assholes are going to whine about characters we left out anyway. So fuck it, have all of them."


I'm excited for the Nintendo stream. I've stopped having specific hopes and expectations a while ago, because every time they give me something I didn't even know I wanted.


I keep forgetting Octopath Traveler is so close already. This means next week I have Mario Tennis Aces, the week after both Crash N-Sane and the NES Classic, and two weeks after Octopath. It's okay Nintendo, you can skip E3. (...please don't skip E3)


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